back to article GitLab spots huge opportunity for DevOps platform as revenue soars

GitLab believes the world is in the midst of a "generational disruption" where all companies will need to embrace modern software development practices, and reckons it can take advantage by positioning itself as the enterprise-grade alternative to homegrown DevOps point solutions. In a bullish Q1 2023 earnings conference call …

  1. Warm Braw

    All companies are becoming software-driven businesses

    Software may be increasingly important for customer communications, planning and scheduling, training and billing, but the idea that all companies will have software developers if as fanciful as saying all businesses once had their own telegraph or bank.

    Businesses have always depended on third parties to provide goods and service and will continue to do so. There aren't and will never be sufficient software developers for them to be embedded in every business and business would collapse completely if that were the only option.

    Not to mention that "modern software development practices" seem to involve learning domain-specific languages to specify perfunctory tests for interim software written in a different language that fail to exercise the repeatability or reliability of solutions in real-world conditions.

    But apart from that...

    1. Robert Grant

      Re: All companies are becoming software-driven businesses

      I agree. I think it's more likely that people will get slightly familiar with, say, Git and Markdown, for the purposes of editing websites or other documentation.

  2. Androgynous Cow Herd

    "There is no shortage of tools competing in the DevOps space"


    We have several on the payroll.

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