back to article Clipminer rakes in $1.7m in crypto hijacking scam

A crew using malware that performs cryptomining and clipboard-hacking operations have made off with at least $1.7 million in stolen cryptocurrency. The malware, dubbed Trojan.Clipminer, leverages the compute power of compromised systems to mine for cryptocurrency as well as identify crypto-wallet addresses in clipboard text …

  1. vtcodger Silver badge


    $1.7M? Hardly worth noticing. If I am to believe what I read at $1.7M is a mere pittance. These crypto people wheel and deal in tens, hundreds, thousands of millions of dollars on a daily basis. Of course it's all imaginary supported entirely by happy thoughts. But they do think BIG.

  2. druck Silver badge

    That sounds familiar

    The malware also can monitor keyboard and mouse activity to determine if the system is being used and also monitors running processes, checking for analyst and troubleshooting tools, the researchers wrote. If it appears the host system – and some of the troubleshooting tools – are not being used, the malware will crank up the XMRig cryptocurrency miner.

    Windows on its own will often start using 100% CPU and spin up the machines fans to maximum, strangely it always stops a few seconds after opening Task Manager.

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