back to article Red Hat helps US Department of Energy containerize supercomputing

Cloud-native architectures have changed the way applications are deployed, but remain relatively uncharted territory for high-performance computing (HPC). This week, however, Red Hat and the US Department of Energy will be making some moves in the area. The IBM subsidiary – working closely with the Lawrence Berkeley, Lawrence …

  1. Anonymous Coward


    "The ability to easily deploy HPC workloads in containers or on Kubernetes has implications for the wave of enterprises scrambling to deploy large parallel workloads like AI/ML"

    OTOH, misconfigured Kubernetes and containers have proven difficult to contain and frequently show up on ElReg in a less than favorable light.

    With a narrow focus on specific applications and hardware, Red Hat may get it right (although even that isn't a given). I would be wary, though, of attempting to expand it to general use.

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