back to article What if ransomware evolved to hit IoT in the enterprise?

Forescout researchers have demonstrated how ransomware could spread through an enterprise from vulnerable Internet-of-Things gear. The security firm's Vedere Labs team said it developed a proof-of-concept strain of this type of next-generation malware, which they called R4IoT. After gaining initial access via IoT devices, the …

  1. imanidiot Silver badge

    Next on security

    Water is wet! More at nine!

    What exactly is new here?

    1. b0llchit Silver badge

      Re: Next on security

      All New: Super Duper Security with Cherries and Wine. No more fiddling the wires or tweaking the keys. One provider to Rule You In. Only $1.95 per device and month. No more hassle. The Super Duper Security provides.

      See, it was a useful article to let the (serious) salesmen hop into the gap and fill it with profit.

    2. Mike 125

      Re: Next on security

      >What exactly is new here?

      IT, OT, and IoT? A new level of confusion: mixing of TLAs, CamelCase TwLeACs, etc.

      Other than that, not much.

  2. Potemkine! Silver badge

    I'm surprised it didn't happen already

    It's obvious IoS thingies will be used to propagate ransomware if possible. If IT security is often a weak point on companies which don't want to pay to deal with the risk, OT is way way worser in term of security, because it's often managed by non-IT people who know nada about cybersecurity.

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Re: I'm surprised it didn't happen already @Potemkine!

      It would be most unusual and not in anyone’s greater interest for it to be made widely known such has already easily happened ... and a workaround solution has been found for program and project beta testing, Potemkine!

      "You have these ransomware-as-a-service gangs, for instance, that develop very complex pieces of software, very complex malware, and distribute that to affiliates who then just deploy that at specific targets," he said. "The idea here could be the same: somebody develops a complex malware, and then somebody else who has lower skills is responsible for deploying that." .... Daniel dos Santos, head of security research at Forescout's Vedere Labs.

      In other words, Jessica, copying the model of those master of the universe doing Gods' work types deploying government wonks and their civil and public and military sector services to do their remote bidding against specific targets.

      Yeah, that's easily done and practically impossible to halt by virtue of the fact, which be no fantastic fiction, it is natural progress and fully to be expected in an evolutionary turn of events even whenever it be considered pirate revolutionary, renegade rogue operational.

      If you know what to practically do and what systems/vectors to attack/advise for targeting and how to easily do it via remote virtually autonomous and relatively anonymous top secret type means and memes, ..... Spooky Action and Greater IntelAIgent Game Entanglement at a Distance ..... are you an exceedingly valuable and extremely expensive asset which insurance against chaotic wholesale government collapse quite rightly would have to insist one immediately purchases for future protection at whatever cost is proposed for IPO/Acceptance and AI Payment to/for such Novel Distant Actors.

      Whatever the price, it will be cheap, even at many times the cost which might be proposed by targeted governments themselves to protect themselves with their traditional inherited and sequestered conventional assets and forces from such a presenting situation and almighty unfolding events cycle.

      1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

        Re: I'm surprised it didn't happen already @Potemkine!

        And, Spooky Action and Greater IntelAIgent Game Entanglement at a Distance is not just something apparently new and uniquely exclusive, whenever is already being touted and trialed/trailed and offered for AWE*some sale to the British Army from a Canada-based clone of ITs Live Operational Virtual Environment via their Dynamic Synthetic Environment offering ....... Immersive Training System Accommodates 50,000 Players .... although it has to be said such a development is very much as a virgin infant in a mature experienced operator field.

        AWE*some ......Army Warfighting Experience

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