back to article Logitech's MX Mechanical keyboard, Master 3S mouse

Logitech has rounded out its Master series with the MX Mechanical keyboard and MX Master 3S mouse. Both cost serious money, but are they worth it? Logitech MX Mechanical keyboard and MX Master 3S mouse Logitech MX Mechanical keyboard and MX Master 3S mouse We've previously looked at Logitech's MX Keys Mini for Mac and came …

  1. Adam Trickett

    Corporate user?

    "Then again, this is the sort of keyboard aimed squarely at a corporate user."

    Don't know where that is, most firms I've worked for use the cheapest most horrible keyboards that Dell, HP, Lenovo etc supply.

    1. Sorry that handle is already taken. Silver badge

      Re: Corporate user?

      My employer lets me use my own input devices.

      Well... I didn't ask them but I assume they do.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Corporate user?

        I never ask when putting in USB key loggers either

    2. Dr Fidget

      Re: Corporate user?

      Not to mention that the roll-out will be to senior management first (so they can sign the emails their secretary wrote for them) and last of all any worker who actually uses a keyboard all day.

    3. Peter2 Silver badge

      Re: Corporate user?

      Those will probably be the ones supplied with the desktop PC.

  2. wintergirl

    Good quality products not just for "gamers"!

    I have the previous model of MX Master mouse (the 2S) and love it. It's weighty and high quality, and the wheel is different in a good way from any other I've used. I'll definitely be getting the updated model at some point when my current mouse wears out - although that may not be for some time given its quality.

    It's good to see a move towards high quality peripherals for office users rather than gamers. We spend just as long at our machines, but too often we're expected to use cheap mushy keyboards and naff plasticky mice. Meanwhile, the higher quality stuff all too often looks like it was designed by a committee of 13-year-old boys with their curtains drawn.

    An awful lot of keyboards nowadays don't have the number pad (which I can't live without) so this one will definitely be an option for me in the near future.

  3. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    I have a G15

    My home keyboard is the Logitech G15 and I love it. Keys are backlit, the clicky is subdued and tactile is simply marvellous.

    The one issue I have is that Logitech retired its original keyboard management software, and the replacement is not aware of the 6 additional function keys nor the three profiles that I used to be able to use. Oh well.

    1. Cederic Silver badge

      Re: I have a G15 is the Logitech support site, and offers a download of a Windows 10 and 11 compatible version of their 'old' software (last updated six days ago).

      Sadly my new mouse doesn't work with that software so my other PC has to suffer their new less capable offering, but this one continues to fully support my G15 on this PC.

      1. The Oncoming Scorn Silver badge

        Re: I have a G15

        I picked up 3 older Logitech wireless keyboards, similar to the MK850, with the 3 UNR profiles for about $5CDN.

        Handy if I want to switch machines but means I need more than one mouse on the desk if I want to use them as a KVM. Also somewhat handy if doing a hardware replacement\install on a customer site & I want a better keyboard for setup tasks.

  4. FIA Silver badge

    I have an original MX Master 3 that's about a year old and used daily. It's a lovely mouse. Seems to hold it's charge for a couple of weeks too, even after a year. (This is with many hours use daily).

    Also, if anyone's buying one, I have the PC version, it works fine with the mac/ipad too. (They sell a mac version, not 100% sure of the difference).

    Regarding the handedness, does that still matter? I'm left handed and have always used a mouse on the right as that's just what everyone else does. (Execpt weirdly for the IT teacher at school many years ago, he was right handed, used his mouse on the left so he could use his dominant hand on the keyboard).

    Mind you, I use a knife and fork the right handed way and taught myself guitar that way round too, so maybe I'm not strongly left handed?? (I do things like hold a pool cue or a bat the left handed way though).

    1. Dave 126

      The MX series mouses have a thirstier sensor in them than lesser mouses, so that's why the battery doesn't last for months. The sensor is excellent though, even works on glass. The power trade off is more than worthwhile.

      1. FIA Silver badge

        Initially it lasted about 3 months, but it did drop off quite quickly after the 3rd or 4th charge.

        It seems to have leveled out at 2 weeks though. Which considering I use it for work, and then probably a few hours more a day I'm actually not that bothered.

        Especially as unlike certain mice the charging port is in a sensible place sso you can use it whilst charging.

        It is an excellent mouse. (It even survived a glass of water being poured over it once I took it to bits and cleaned it out).

    2. The Oncoming Scorn Silver badge
      Thumb Up


      My father was a lefty & I'm kind of weird on the whole handed issue.

      I'm right handed & have always used a mouse on the left', I'm not sure how I use a knife & fork with regard to anyone else, I think I'm ambidextrous to a point & this may go away to partly explaining my poor sports\games performance at school with regard to catching.

  5. Neurons for Kryton

    Not too impressed by all the hype and expense of the multitude of mechanical keyboards out there. Best 2 keyboards I've come across so far are the Thinkpad X1 carbon (4th gen) and surprisingly the Dell KB216 quiet key - both being extremely accurate to type on even on your off days when fingers and brain don't quite link up. All in all it's down to personal preference and what you (or someone else !) Wants to extract from your wallet.

    1. Khaptain Silver badge

      Same here, for work I have a Logitech K280, it's wired, kinda clunky but I love the layout. Also there is decent space between the Alphabet keys and the arrow keys etc...

      I used to have an MX Keys but the lack of space separating the various parts really annoyed me.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        No space between keygroups? No thank you.

        > "lack of space separating the various parts"

        I noticed that almost immediately on seeing the photo accompanying the MX Mechanical under review. That alone is an instant deal-killer for me.

        Despite its standard layout, my current keyboard (a Cherry MX Board 3.0) has minimal spacing between the keygroups and is much slower to navigate by feel in low light the way my old Cherry G80-3000 was. I kind of regret choosing it now. (*)

        Ironically, I chose that model despite misgivings *because* it was one of the few with MX Red switches that wasn't aimed at gamers with tacky backlighting I hadn't thought I needed (*because* it hadn't been needed with my old, better-spaced-out G80-3000! (**))

        I know the compact size of such keyboards is probably perceived as a plus point by the manufacturers, but given this is aimed at "serious" users paying quite a bit more for a better-quality typing experience, I'm not convinced they haven't pushed the trade off too far in both cases.

        (*) I'd had my G80-3000 for 15 years and was perfectly happy with it *except* I'd always felt the MX Black switches just a *bit* too stiff for my taste. (MX Red was unavailable then, and even now the 'Red' G80-3000 is almost impossible to get and not sold with a UK/Euro-shape Return key).

        (**) Maybe its old-school beigeness helped visibility in minimal light, but I'm still sure the spacing is what made the main difference.

  6. richardcox13

    Lightweight IMHO

    > . The MX Mechanical comes in at almost a kilo, weighing in at 828g (1.8lb)

    Just checked my keyboard: 1.195kg. Anything less is therefore lightweight.

    The weight of a proper keyboard means it is a solid base on which to work, and less likely to flex for easier typing.

    1. F. Frederick Skitty Silver badge

      Re: Lightweight IMHO

      A good mechanical keyboard is also useful for hand to hand fighting. The Unicomp Model M is going to be my go to weapon come the zombie apocalypse.

  7. Berny Stapleton

    I'd really like one of these with separate media keys and a fingerprint reader like the Microsoft keyboard. I've got the Microsoft keyboard now, and it's quite good.. Maybe Microsoft need to make a slightly larger Microsoft keyboard with media buttons, MX keys and I'd be a happy camper.

    1. druck Silver badge

      You really cannot compare a Microsoft keyboard to these, they are in a different league.

  8. KarateMonkey

    Mx Keys for Mac

    I recently bought the full sized Mx Keys keyboard for my old Mac workstation when its original bluetooth keyboard finally died. The Mx Keys is an AWESOME keyboard, I love it. Is a decent size and has nice modern low profile laptop-style keys with a responsive and accurate feel to them.

    Can't comment on the Mx Mouse, I use a Logitec G203 gaming mouse - the only bit of RGB bling I own.

    Am rather annoyed with Logitec over its software though. I can't use any of the utilities for the Mx hardware, they've deprecated OSX 10.14 which I'm stuck on due to my older workstation.

  9. KarateMonkey

    Mx Keys for Mac the way the author might have got his prices mixed up. I paid £119 for the MxKeys Advanced Wiress model on Logitech's site, a few months ago. The quoted £169 is probably a bundle that includes the mouse.

  10. msknight

    Handy, then, that Logitech appears to have all bases covered?

    Only if the software runs on Linux. If not, then I can't use it.

    1. WonkoTheSane

      Re: Handy, then, that Logitech appears to have all bases covered?

      For Linux, use Solaar to manage Logitech mice and keyboards.

    2. Prst. V.Jeltz Silver badge

      Re: Handy, then, that Logitech appears to have all bases covered?

      Why would a mouse need software?

      even one festooned in accidentally pressable sticks and buttons?

      surely that should be industry standard by now negating the need for added unreliable drivers and crap with it?

      like , for instance , a USB mass storage device

    3. druck Silver badge

      Re: Handy, then, that Logitech appears to have all bases covered?

      I use the Logiops software to customise the MX Master 3 mouse buttons. I've got the horizontal scroll wheel set up to zoom the current window, and the bottton thumb button combined with left and right to ctrl+tab or shift+ctrl+tab, up alternates between the vertical scroll wheel normal and super scroll modes, and down cycles around 3 different dpi sensitivity settings.

  11. J.G.Harston Silver badge

    You'll rip my £10 Dell SK3205 from my cold dead hands.

    Seriously - *hundred*-something quid for a keyboard, and one that doesn't even have proper full-travel half-inch deep keycaps? I was provided with a laptop at work, and immediately plugged a proper keyboard into it so I could - y'know - actually use it.

    1. Richard 12 Silver badge

      Some people like short throw keys

      Those people are wrong.

    2. J. Cook Silver badge

      Indeed; I'm running on a Logitech K540, which was IIRC the cheapest unified receiver keeb that I could find at the time.

      If I were to drop a serious amount of money on a wired keyboard, it'd be something like a Drop CTRL and a seperate number pad, if only because I pound on the keyboard for upwards of 12 hours a day between work and personal use. (the work computer runs into a port on my KVM.)

  12. Apprentice Human

    Logi Bolt is no replacement for Unify.

    I got the MX Mini keyboard (TKL type) and the 3S mouse last week. They are brilliant to use BUT I was under the impression Logi Bolt would be like the Unify transceiver, in that you only need one to connect multiple devices.

    Ouch: you need one transceiver per device if you want to use Logi Bolt for your connection. This would have been a deal breaker if I'd known before buying.

    Caveat emptor.

    1. druck Silver badge

      Re: Logi Bolt is no replacement for Unify.

      You get one receiver with the keyboard and one with the mouse, each one can pair with both the keyboard and mouse, so that's two machines taken care off, and the third machine you can connect to via Bluetooth.

  13. AdamWill


    "Some users prefer the short key-travel of a modern laptop-style keyboard while others would only allow their ancient IBM Model M keyboards to be prised from their cold, dead hands – regardless of the deafening clattering of keys being struck."


    1. Peter2 Silver badge

      Re: eh?!

      This is being typed on one of those ancient IBM Model M's, which is still working perfectly after thirty something years and eight? different computers since the 8086? it came with.

      I'm not in the market for a new mechanical keyboard, but I can't help but notice that people in the comments above mention owning more than one above; which presumably is because they either died or were crap enough to warrant replacing with something else.

      Would you give up a working model M in those circumstances?

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