back to article Snowflake stock drops as some top customers cut usage

IPO darling Snowflake's share price took a beating in an already bearish market for tech stocks after filing weaker than expected financial guidance amid a slowdown in orders from some of its largest customers. For its first quarter of fiscal 2023, ended April 30, Snowflake's revenue grew 85 percent year-on-year to $422.4 …

  1. captain veg Silver badge

    the Netflix of databases

    So far as I can tell, Snowflake is basically an SQL interface smeared on top of Amazon S3.

    The web client is not at all bad. Once Amazon has that bit stolen, its lunch is swallowed, digested and shat out again.


  2. DarkwavePunk

    Well this will be fun...

    I wonder what my higher-ups will think of this article when I send it to them. Or, should I just not? Sometimes ignorance, hiding under a blanket with a teddy bear and swigging neat vodka is the right option.

  3. AMBxx Silver badge


    Where did all my data go?

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