back to article Ransomware grounds some flights at Indian budget airline SpiceJet

Indian budget airline SpiceJet on Wednesday attributed delayed flights to a ransomware attack. SpiceJet said the attack was quickly contained and rectified with flights again operating normally. The company later was forced to clarify that its definition of “normally” meant flights delayed by ransomware had a cascading effect …

  1. Binraider Silver badge

    Ever been in the electronics space in a 747? Or, a lot of other jets for that matter? Floppy disks for updating software and databases are still a thing in those environments. Mostly because of the certification required to put the drive there in the first place.

    1. WhereAmI?
  2. OhForF' Silver badge

    Security researcher brute forcing systems?

    Someone that is brute forcing passwords to access a system is usually not named a "security researcher" (unless he does it with the permission of the system owner as part of a read team).

    Checking the linked indian express article for details adds more confusion:

    That article says "The TechCrunch report had claimed an encrypted backup file".

    The TechCrunch report given as the source by indian express then again says it was an unencrypted database. TechCrunch although says they won't name the "ethical hacker" as he probably ran afoul of US hacking laws.

    Looks like the register article author did look up the original article but decided to link to the indian express article that decided it would sound better to encrpyt the data

  3. JWLong

    Indian budget airline

    Now there is a company I would run from yelling and screaming "NO EFFING WAY".

  4. richdin

    Better than Kenya Airways...

    Once I flew from Mombasa to somewhere in Masai-Mara game park. The plane was a little 14 seater, open to the cockpit and dripping oil from multiple spots. Heart was pounding from takeoff to landing (buzzed the strip to scatter the zebras first). Only after we landed did I realize the fast heart rate and difficulty breathing was also because we flew at about 12K ft without pressurization. Needless to say - never again (although I do want to go on safari again)

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