back to article Slack-for-engineers Mattermost on open source and data sovereignty

"It's our data, it's our intellectual property. Being able to migrate it out those systems is near impossible... It was a real frustration for us." These were the words of communication and collaboration platform Mattermost's founder and CTO, Corey Hulen, speaking to The Register about open source, sovereignty and audio …

  1. entfe001

    > So no funky backgrounds or amusing video effects. Just a collaboration platform that won't give regulators the jitters.

    On the first days of general lockdown we had to arrange for some online conferencing tool to hold daily meetings. On the very beginning, almost everyone joined with their webcam on and streaming. As time passed, some people stopped bothering about the webcam and joined audio-only. As I had no webcam at the time at home, I had the perfect excuse for not showing my face from day one.

    Move forward to now and on technical meetings no one ever shares a webcam feed, only the occasional screen sharing when it is adequate to do so. For other meetings, you can pinpoint technical vs commercial / manager roles in a room by their webcam use.

    And don't get me started about when we changed our in-house Jabber chat system for Slack...

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