back to article US-APAC trade deal leaves out Taiwan, military defense not ruled out

US President Joe Biden has heralded an Indo-Pacific trade deal signed by several nations that do not include Taiwan. At the same time, Biden warned China that America would help defend Taiwan from attack; it is home to a critical slice of the global chip industry, after all.  The agreement, known as the Indo-Pacific Economic …

  1. thx1111

    Taiwan and Ukraine

    Taiwan, a significant source in the world's semiconductor market, and Ukraine, a significant source in the world's grain market...

    1. DS999 Silver badge

      Re: Taiwan and Ukraine

      Ukraine also affects the chip market - it is responsible for supplying half the world's output of neon, which is critical for chipmaking among other technologies. Fortunately chipmakers maintain some months worth of supply, and their distributors probably have their own, but if the war drags on for a year or more this could become a big issue.

      Things like this that will affect China in a way that loss of Ukraine's grain output won't might lead to them eventually exerting pressure on Putin behind the scenes if we're in for the likely scenario of a stalemate where Russia can't advance but Ukraine isn't able to inflict losses so heavy Putin is forced to give up.

  2. EnviableOne

    Wording is Important

    there is a big difference between "consider military intervention" and actually putting boots on the ground.

    Basically, the US will not commit to anything but makes clear to Xi that if he tries to do what Putin has with Ukraine, there will be consequences.

    After all, people can live without gran, but semi-conductors are essential

    1. Denarius Silver badge

      Re: Wording is Important

      Indeed, there will be consequences. Military Industrial complexes having a great year. Media have new storyline to mangle as current ideologies demand. Spooks and analysts get a vague idea what Chinas newer hardware can do. Boatloads of refugees for the tearjerker brigades. Whats not to like ? Ah yes, pollies flapping gums, etc interrupting our favourite soaps.

      </sarc>tag for those a bit slow on comprehension.

      OTOH, I suspect a war will also not go well for anybody. Taiwan has had years to prepare and is under no illusions, unlike the ruins of the West.

      1. Jimmy2Cows Silver badge

        Re: Taiwan has had years to prepare and is under no illusions

        Yep Taiwan has way more air defences than Ukraine, well dug into the mountains and will be much harder to neutralise. China hasn't fought an air war in over 70 years.

        Sea defences will be able to eliminate any hostile approaching navies from any direction.

        Combine this with air and sea being the only possible approach routes, and a population as strongly opposed to Chinese rule as most Ukranians are to Russian rule, and any military action against Taiwan would likely make Russia's utter pointless slaughter and abyssmal failure in Ukraine seem easy and successful in comparison.

        Economic pressure, blockades and so on are far more likely than China attempting to put boots on the ground. China is patient. They will happily wait until they think the time is right before making any significant moves. Meanwhile they'll try to undermine Taiwanese belief in their own freedom, try to undermine Taiwan's government and economy.

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