back to article Robotics and 5G to spur growth of SoC industry – report

The system-on-chip (SoC) side of the semiconductor industry is poised for growth between now and 2026, when it's predicted to be worth $6.85 billion, according to an analyst's report.  Chances are good that there's an SoC-powered device within arm's reach of you: the tiny integrated circuits contain everything needed for a …

  1. Old Used Programmer Silver badge

    About that bet....

    Considering there are 4 Pi4Bs running right next to me, yes there is an SoC within arms reach. Never mind the switches and KVM switches.

    1. druck Silver badge

      Re: About that bet....

      I have to confess to 15 Pi's of various generations on active duty, one on standby, one being commissioned, and another 2 in reserve.

      1. sreynolds Silver badge

        Re: About that bet....

        Was that an intentional pun? I mean I have some RISC V FPGA that is nowhere hear an ARM.

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