back to article Biden tours Samsung fab, talks chip cooperation with South Korea

US president Joe Biden kicked off his first Asian tour since taking office in South Korea, where he visited a Samsung semiconductor fab said to be the model for the company's planned plant in Taylor, Texas. While speaking at the Samsung Electronics Pyeongtaek Campus, Biden said the region will be a key part of the next several …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Welp... there goes that.

    As soon as any president visits anything... nothing happens.

    - Trump visits the border to plan a wall... no wall happens.

    - Obama visits crumbling highway structures... nothing is rebuilt.

    - Baby Bush visits a warship declaring victory... nothing was won.

    - Clinton smokes pot... nothing was inhaled.

    1. Snowy Silver badge

      Re: Welp... there goes that.

      Also what one pressident starts the next one ignores.

  2. B/Eads

    The chip shortage was a long time coming, starting with the offshoring of much of our chip fabrication back in the 1970s and 80s. Why? To save money of course. Now its coming back to haunt us as all our chips are in one basket - Southeast Asia.

  3. bombastic bob Silver badge

    "The embarassment" should just stay home (and stop 'doing things')

    As soon as he opens his mouth and (in a voice that sounds, in my opinion, like he's been drinking to excess) makes half a dozen gaffs (yet states the obvious once or twice, enough for a "favorable" sound bite on friendly media) the current occupant of the White House ("Sleepy Joe" Biden) will continue to have an overall negative effect on the USA, and maybe even the WORLD, with his diminishing approval and nearly 60% overall disapproval due to his DISMAL failure at anything resembling a "leader"... let alone the ZILLIONS of things he has gotten wrong from foreign policy to domestic oil production and baby formula. [keep in mind the exec branch controls the FDA, which did NOT need to drag its feet while baby formula was recalled and store inventories dwindled].

    I just hope his weakness and general incompetence does not set off WW3 before he gets REPLACED in 2025...

    Basically we'd all be better if he left S. Korea and just shut up for 3 years.

    1. simonb_london

      Re: "The embarassment" should just stay home (and stop 'doing things')

      How can you say that? He got enough votes to be the most popular president in history in the most "fortified" election in history!

      1. low_resolution_foxxes

        Re: "The embarassment" should just stay home (and stop 'doing things')

        Regardless of which side of the political fence you sit on, Biden has always struck me as a liability.

        Sure, he's a nice-ish guy. But he has had brain surgery on at least two occasions for serious bleeding (this is why he has his characteristic stammer/forgetful voice/wording).

        On occasion, his speeches sound like he's had 5 pints of beer

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why Texas?

    In the light of the current drought that is affecting much of the South and West of the USA and the huge amounts of water that a modern chip plant needs surely it might have been better to locate the Samsung (and others) plants in the North... you know close to those huge bodies of water called the "Great Lakes"?

    Oh silly me. TX has a political establishment that would stop at nothing to make their state able to leave the UNION and stand on its own two feet when the oil runs out.

    Abbott will do anything he can to remain in power until he decides that even with Drumpf back as POTUS in 2024, he wants more and to be his own president will be his next step.

    Then there are the huge bribes going around. Does anyone believe a word that Emperor Elon the 1st is saying about how he became a Rethuglican?

    I'd expect that some of the conditions for the Tesla plant were not only for Tesla to relocate their HQ to TX but for Elon the 1st to pledge his allegiance to King Abbott?

    DeathSantis in FLA is in a pissing competition with Abbot over who can be the most fascist of the two, The winner takes their fiefdom and declares it an independent nation.

  5. QLord

    Samsung 3nm Ready in 2025

    Samsung 3nm yields are still in the 20% range, and anything Samsung claims to the contrary, are lies, by their own admission. They have repeatedly and continuously lied about their 5nm, 4nm, and 3nm yields, and after recently getting caught lying, admitted they were lying, and now suddenly we are supposed to believe they have miraculously improved yields.

    TSMC doesn’t start production until yields are around 70%, and shortly after production mature yields are around 90%.

    The truth will be revealed soon enough, when both Samsung and Intel are forced to admit that their latest and most overly-promised nodes are late, and then late again, and for the 3rd time late again, and ...

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