back to article AMD claims its GPUs beat Nvidia on performance per dollar

As a slowdown in PC sales brings down prices for graphics cards, AMD is hoping to win over the market's remaining buyers with a bold, new claim that its latest Radeon cards provide better performance for the dollar than Nvidia's most recent GeForce cards. In an image tweeted Monday by AMD's top gaming executive, the chip …

  1. Alistair

    Annnnd can we

    Do the same set of comparisons running on linux in wine? Anyone?


    1. Binraider Silver badge

      Re: Annnnd can we

      While I'm not going to sit here and do all those comparisons myself unpaid, I can confirm that Doom Eternal works perfectly via Proton with no noticeable performance differences on a 5700XT at better than 1080P res.

      Linux Native, or at very least Proton compatibility is now a criteria for me buying a title. Yes, that means I miss out on a bunch of stuff. Usually the mass-market crud "AAA" games that usually have no appeal whatsoever to anyone with the attention span longer than a goldfish. So, no great loss.

      I make a point of messaging developers to ask for native ports. With Vulkan going the direction it is, there is little excuse not to do a native release now.

      Steamdeck may also help the case.

  2. sreynolds

    I didn't realise that video cards.....

    I didin't realise that people still played games on videos cards. I thought that they'd be quoting tensor performance - oh wait AMD can't do that yet - or some other benchmark related to crypto.

  3. Captain_Cretin

    This performance per $ comparison isnt going to last long if they keep extracting the urine and bumping prices by 20-30% per generation, for a 2-5% performance boost (lower and mid range cards).

    On Monday I gave up, and bought what I suspect was the last new-old stock 5500XT in the UK for my PCIE v3 system (£300.44); probably £100 more than it should be, based on pre2020 market conditions, but at least it isnt crippled by having only eight, or God forbid FOUR, PCIE lanes.

    1. Boothy

      Any reason you didn't go for the 6500XT? i.e. the model that replaced the 5500XT.

      There are several 6500XT models for sale on OCUK at under £180 each. Of the 8 listed models, 6 of them are in stock, 2 of those are under £180, two others (also in stock) are under £170.

      1. Binraider Silver badge

        The number of PCI lanes is relevant, not just an individual lanes bandwidth. PCI-Express 4 cards can run on a PCI-Express 3 board; but many of the 6xxx series cards and equivalents lack PCI raw numbers of lanes and therefore bottleneck.

        On a PCI-express 3 board, the older card will probably perform better than a newer one.

        Pricing is improving but there will be no accomodation for PCI-exp 3 users. A lot of perfectly good equipment is being consigned to the no-longer upgradable pile. Anyone would think the industry is rigged to generate e-waste and enforce obsolescence...

  4. lglethal Silver badge

    Since prices are finally beginning to drop down to the actual RRP for a lot of Graphics cards, using that value might have been a better option. Especially since Nvidia cards have generally been significantly higher above RRP then AMD cards.

  5. Boothy

    Hardware Unboxed

    Hardware Unboxed have been doing a monthly series of price comparisons, for basically the full range of current Nvidia and AMD cards, based against original MSRP, and ongoing trends.

    They also include some older cards, based on eBay 2nd hand prices.

    Worth watching of you're considering getting one of the current or older gen cards.

    link to Mays vid on Tube-of-you

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