back to article Meta hires network chip guru from Intel: What does this mean for future silicon?

Here's something that should raise eyebrows in the datacenter world: Facebook parent company Meta has hired a veteran networking chip engineer from Intel to lead silicon design efforts in the internet giant's infrastructure hardware engineering group. Jon Dama started as director of silicon in May for Meta's infrastructure …

  1. bombastic bob Silver badge

    Potential for both good AND bad is what I see

    * competition - good

    * foundries potentially inside the USA, EU rather than China - good [we shall see]

    * new possibilities in tech because, deep pockets - good

    * faster intarwebs - good

    and then there is...

    * bult-in backdoor spying tech inside of NICs and CPUs and even RAM - VERY BAD

    * more easy identification of YOUR COMPUTER such that you cannot stop nor control it - VERY BAD

    Again, we shall see... and must remain vigilant and NOT TRUST THEM. Google wanted our trust a while back, "do no evil" etc.

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