back to article Another ex-eBay exec admits cyberstalking web souk critics

David Harville, eBay's former director of global resiliency, pleaded guilty this week to five felony counts of participating in a plan to harass and intimidate journalists who were critical of the online auction business. Harville is the last of seven former eBay employees/contractors charged by the US Justice Department to …

  1. Ace2 Silver badge

    Seven underlings get felony counts, and Wenig gets a $57M exit package? Sign me up for that job.

    1. Cliffwilliams44 Bronze badge

      Its a great gig if you can get it!

      Get hired on as a CEO of a corporation, brought in with great fan fare that you are going to be the savior of all things. Spend 3 or 4 years totally screwing everything up! Then you "leave to pursue other interests" with a golden parachute. Move on to another company, rinse, repeat!

  2. Phones Sheridan Silver badge


    Sign me up for that job PLEASE!

    ("Provide Legal Exculpation And Sign Everything")

  3. Fruit and Nutcase Silver badge


    Did they procure any of those items that they sent to the Steiners on ebay?

    1. Warm Braw Silver badge

      Re: Procurement

      There's currently a Dissection Fetal Piglet Real Fetal Dissected PIG 12 Inches In Case ODD RARE being listed, so not impossible.

  4. aerogems Silver badge


    Just... how? How is it that at least seven different people, all presumably at least with a high school level education, thought that 1) this was a good idea and 2) that they could get away with it? I, for one, had never heard of this publication that had them so riled until the eBayers antics came to light. So just how much damage could this couple have done to eBay's business that eBay hadn't already done to itself?

    I hope that the harassed couple wins a judgment so large that these individuals will be forced into financial ruin and then have their wages forever garnished to pay it down. Their names should be mud in the corporate world after this, and the only jobs they can get is flipping burgers or scrubbing toilets at night. If they do settle with the former CEO, they should make one of the terms be that he can never be an officer at any company ever again. Not even a shift manager at a McDonalds.

    1. Mobster

      Re: How?

      With a $57 million buyout, the former CEO would be needing a job ever again, not even as a shift manager at McDonalds. It is the former CEO, immediate executive staff, and the board that need looking into,

  5. ecofeco Silver badge

    Well knock me over with a feather!

    One of the master(bater)s of the universe is facing felony charges!

    And I'll say it again: it's amazing how dumb the rich are.

  6. FlamingDeath Silver badge

    Just your

    Just your average garden variety sociopath

    Some one needs to piss into their coffee

    And while they’re at it, shit into HRs coffee

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Super criminals

    Super criminals and no super heroes.

    There is no batman and never will be. Just like Politicians, to rich to pay or care.

    We are but privileged slaves, and terrorist when we are not.

    Get back to work.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I was hoping that the sentence "Neither Wenig nor Wymer were charged by the Justice Department..."

    would gain the word "yet", once the grunts and lieutenants had rolled over.

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