back to article Rackspace considers selling part of business: 'Everything' on the table

Rackspace Technology is considering selling off at least part of its business following a strategic review, with CEO Kevin Jones admitting that "everything is on the table." The company disclosed it has already received interest from a potential buyer. The move was announced during a conference call covering Rackspace's Q1 …

  1. Randesigner


    " to capture additional whitespace and growth opportunities."

    Haven't seen "whitespace" on the CEO-speak bingo card yet.

    1. SIP My Drink

      Re: Whitespace

      We use it where I work for potential opportunities and revenue growth in Telco...

      In reality, its a scoping exercise with a buzzword.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        "a long-term secular growth wave"

        Is it company policy to exclude religious customers, or are they naturally attracted to other providers (Demon Internet perhaps?)

        1. Roj Blake Silver badge

          Re: "a long-term secular growth wave"

          That would be an ecumenical question.

  2. Screepy

    They need to do something..

    We've been with Rackspace for about 12 years.

    They host our critical web infrastructure.

    Over the last 3 or 4 years the support had just got worse and worse. Particularly around the NetSec stuff (firewalls, load balancers, IDS etc)

    The London datacentre (LON) shed a load of the experienced techs as management pushed the support East.

    I've had a couple of recent zoom calls with the newer NetSec teams where I'm correcting their iRule scripts/pointing out something they've missed, and basically helping them to sort out issues that we're paying them for.

    Patience is wearing thin, I suspect we will be moving away from them once contact renewals hove into view - they just aren't good enough any more :(

    1. Che22

      Re: They need to do something..

      I agree. The support is appalling. Getting anything done takes an epoch!

      Fortunately, i'm only using them for co-lo so rarely have to contact them but when I do it's torture.

      Unfortunately, I have to go through them to get anything done at the data centre. If I could deal with Lumen direct i'd be much happier.

      Going with anyone else probably wouldn't help as they'll be taken over by one of the big boys one day and the whole problem repeats itself.

      Maybe we should just create our own infrastructure company........

  3. JamesTGrant

    Sounds like C suite want to cash out

    ‘Everything is on the table’ - sounds like a very publicly announced retirement plan to me.

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