back to article Samsung unveils 512GB DRAM CXL module in E3.S form factor

Samsung has unveiled a 512-gigabyte Compute Express Link (CXL) DRAM module, which awaits servers to make it sing. The device will ship in the EDSFF E3.S form factor – a standard most often employed in high-capacity solid-state disks (SSDs). E3.S is expected to replace both M2 and 2.5-inch SSDs eventually, but Samsung has …

  1. tomgid

    The speed of interconnections between main memory and the processor is accelerating, meaning we can store more data as caches, another boost for high performance processing and AI, despite the fast-paced miniaturisation of VLSIs is coming to an end.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Who cares?

    What Samsung needs to do is bring out some 4TB M.2 SSD's. At this point, at my company, we are on the verge of dropping Samsung as a qualified supplier.

    1. Alan Brown Silver badge

      Re: Who cares?

      (ignoring my usual advice of "don't feed the troll")

      In my experience Samsung are extremely conservative about the ratings of their drives, particularly enduramce - it isn't at all unusual for consumer-grade drives to go over 3 times their quoted endurance before showing issues and I've got a pair of SM863s with 20 times their stated endurance under their belts which still claim to have zero reallocated blocks

      That kind of conservatism affects their offering - particularly in M2 format, which is prone to thermal abuse and has vastly differing requirements for the NAND (runs better when hot) vs rest of the logic (wants to run considerably cooler)

      I've had some absolute dogs of M2 NVME drives show up (one Hynix model fitted to HP desktops as "premium" quite memorably was outperformed by spinning rust and lasted less than a year in service), so I'm happy to let Samsung be conservative

  3. Peter D

    The power

    If I could afford to pay the power bill I wouldn't need an SSD.

  4. trevorde Silver badge

    Still won't be enough for Google Chrome

  5. Tom 7

    The end of the motherboard?

    Just a PCI5 bus and some IO that you plug cards into?

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