back to article Why Marvell bought interconnect upstart Tanzanite

Marvell Technology has announced its intent to acquire compute express link (CXL) startup Tanzanite in an all-cash deal it says will accelerate its composable infrastructure aspirations. Founded in 2020, Tanzanite was an early player in the emerging CXL marketplace specializing in memory expansion, tiered memory, and memory …

  1. Arthur the cat Silver badge


    I confused Marvell with Marvel and had a major WTF? moment. Memory Interconnects in the Multiverse.

    1. eldakka Silver badge

      Re: Oops

      I had the same WTF moment.

  2. Ace2 Silver badge


  3. OculusMentis

    The pendulum swings again

    “Marvell envisions a future in which CPU/GPU compute, memory, and storage resources will be disaggregated into individual boxes”

    Isn’t disaggregation one of the main features of IBM mainframes?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    PCIe is already outside the server box today!

    Check out GigaIO, with IP that covers making PCIe into a routable network for node to node communication over native PCIe. MPI over PCIe? Check. CXL will bring cache coherency but if your applications can be aware, and you don't want to wait till end 2023 for rack-scale computing on native PCIe/CXL, might be an interesting solution.

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