back to article Malware goes regional as attackers change tactics

Most malware attacks now originate from the same region as the victim, according to a new report, a sign that malicious actors are changing their tactics. The findings come from research by cloud security outfit Netskope, which compiled its new Cloud and Threat Report from trends observed over the last 12 months. One such …

  1. Version 1.0 Silver badge

    Cloudy today but June 1st soon

    I'm in Louisiana (home of the greatest music and food in the world) it's nice outside today, just a little cloudy with a pretty sun and blue sky, cool today, only 86F. But Hurricane season starts next month.

    The internet cloud has always been easy to use, but now it's getting windy (locally we watch out for windy days with gust above 100mph) so effectively the internet is being sold as easy to use and the malware writers agree - El Reg, this story is good but not a surprise. We need to rework the internet and everyone's security if we are going to have a safe world again - this would be a big change ... see, locally we can make ourselves safe from hurricanes by moving to Minnesota ...

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