back to article Intel sticks with FPGAs and ASICs for next-gen IPUs

Intel's two-pronged ASIC/FPGA infrastructure processing unit (IPU) strategy was on full display at this week's Intel Vision event, where the chipmaker teased its upcoming 400Gbit/sec and 800Gbit/sec devices. According to Patty Kummrow, GM of Intel's Ethernet division, the company is seeing strong demand for domain-specific …

  1. Danny 2


    It's good to read an article with acronyms I recognise. In the eighties my older mate Ray got the ASIC and FPGA courses, I got the CAD course. I checked him out on social media and he is still just ASIC and FPGA, albeit in the US on a huge wage - and a trophy wife he probably programmed.

    My uncle Roy was a RAF comms guy, became a typewriter tech, laid off by Olivetti when I was a bairn. Made me think the best career survival strategy was to be a jack of all trades, master of none. Not always the case, I'd be better off as a typewriter tech today.

    I always thought the red part of a typewriter ribbon was for orientation, apparently you could type in red. No idea why they didn't have other colours.

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