back to article Was Nokia's Microsoft switch deal win a reward for SONiC contributions?

Nokia’s "significant" contributions to Microsoft's open-source SONiC project and ongoing supply-chain challenges undoubtedly played a role in the Windows giant's decision to deploy the Finns' network switches, despite their relative inexperience in the arena, Dell'Oro analyst Sameh Boujelbene told The Register. The deal, …

  1. Lars Silver badge

    Michel Dell was 7 years old when I used Nokia modems and Nokia produced PCs years before Dell founded Dell.

    I know that doesn't really prove a thing, but still.

  2. iron Silver badge

    > Was Nokia's Microsoft switch deal win a reward for SONiC contributions?

    That headline makes no sense, even after reading the article. Is there a word or two missing?

    1. tip pc Silver badge

      this article might add some colour

    2. Martin an gof Silver badge

      Quite clearly explained towards the end of the artcle. To rephrase, could Microsoft's deal to buy Nokia switches be seen as a way to encourage Nokia to continue contributing towards the SONiC project?

      Yes there are other potential reasons - the competition issue mentioned and the supply chain problems - but keeping an apparently key contributor happy is also a good one. It's not just the physical hardware either - as Nokia is new to this segment, other companies might be reluctant to consider them for their own deployments. Having seen Micosoft 'put faith in Nokia' maybe some will reconsider that stance.


  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yeah, right..

    According to Boujelbene, the deal isn't only about supply chain. It also allows Microsoft to maintain pricing pressure on other switch vendors. "Competition is always good and healthy," she said.

    Wait, she said that without any trace of irony while speaking about Microsoft decisions? Really?

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