back to article Volkswagen to put Qualcomm tech under the hood across all brands

Volkswagen Group’s automotive software subsidiary CARIAD has picked Qualcomm to provide system-on-chip modules (SOCs) for its automated driving software platform. The company has chosen Snapdragon Ride Platform portfolio as its hardware, projected to be available as of “the middle of the decade” according to CARIAD. …

  1. Emir Al Weeq

    Performance under test

    Of course, to win the contract, the chip vendors could always have their chips recognise when they're on a test rig and perform accordingly. But no respectable manufacturer would do that. Would they?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I hope the self-driving software is better quality than the crap in the latest VW-group "infotainment" systems. Slow, buggy, unnecessarily "connected" for basic functions and with an incomprehensible UI.

  3. MJI Silver badge

    Are they any good?

    Couple of people at work have VWs

    A6 with weird gearbox

    A hatch with climate control which can park itself

    The enthusiasts drive interesting cars, eg a sports car, a 4x4, an Alfa

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