back to article Cisco says its AI crystal ball can predict network errors

Wish your network could predict its own problems and fix them automatically? Cisco believes it has the technology you need. The networking tech giant announced today what it said is the culmination of two years of work: an analytics engine that can predict network issues before they happen, and with enough integration and …

  1. Scott 26

    What if it decides that WE are the problem with the network. Article needs a Rise of the Machines tag/icon

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Classic late era Cisco

    Releasing a buzzword complaint product after the buzz is almost gone.

    Where did they get their training data, and where was the opt out for it this whole time? Or did they try to "train" it with fake/generic data? Or with the data from their own networks, which may leak some interesting information if that turns out to be true.

    At least the press release tap danced around the likely reason that it can't trigger many actions on it's own. It's probably a false positive factory.

    I don't need layers of crappy ML, I need a cleaner feed of events that make actual sense so I can feed the SIEM I have been required to operate for years thanks to PCI compliance. Cisco is almost as bad as M$ in that regard. Firing nuisance hundreds of times, unnecessarily garbled phrasing for key events that requires special handling, and head scratching decisions about was is and is not logged/audited by default. Also an ongoing lack of consistency on how events are logged across platforms and versions.

    ML probably wasn't the way to fix that.

  3. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "fix problems itself"

    Oh yeah, just what the network admin needs - a tool that's going to screw things up by itself.

    I'm sure admins all over the world are hopping with joy at the idea.

  4. AdrianMontagu

    Artificial Intelligence

    Ah - The Pre-Cogs!

  5. Howard Sway Silver badge

    an analytics engine that can predict network issues before they happen

    I'm interested to learn how it's going to predict the outages caused by the office cleaner accidentally pulling out ethernet cables in the server room when hoovering too enthusiastically, a regular occurence at one place I worked.

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