back to article LinkedIn settles Dept of Labor charges it underpaid women

Microsoft's LinkedIn social network has agreed to settle allegations it systematically underpaid women in engineering, product, and marketing roles. The US Department of Labor (DoL) on Tuesday announced the settlement on behalf of 686 female workers in California. The government said an evaluation conducted by DoL's Office of …

  1. Cederic Silver badge

    gender pay gap reporting is nonsense

    Quite why people think LinkedIn's UK gender pay gap reporting is remotely relevant to fair and equal pay is entirely bewildering. It does not take into account seniority, role, hours worked, experience, qualifications or performance.

    Without those it's entirely flawed.

    Meanwhile, in the UK men pay over 70% of income tax. [1]

    So overall UK gender pay gap is 7.9% [2]

    UK income tax gap (same methodology) is 39.7% [1][3]

    If I took an 8% pay cut and got a 40% cut in income tax I'd be substantially better off. This is why gender pay gap reporting is nonsense.




  2. Cuddles

    When to follow the law

    "and to provide gender-neutral compensation for at least the next three years"

    They've been prosecuted by the government for not providing gender-neutral compensation, as required by law. As part of the settlement, they're now required to follow the law, but only for the next three years. Are they then exempt from obeying the law after that time? How is it necessary to include obeying the law as part of a settlement at all, let alone with a time limit on it? If they weren't already required to obey it, they wouldn't have needed a settlement in the first place.

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