back to article Meet Flamingo, Deepmind's latest open-ended AI

Google's Deepmind has published a paper proposing a family of machine learning models with the aim of doing more work with far less costly and time-consuming training. The upside of that is, the tech giant claims, massive cost savings as training is quickly becoming prohibitively expensive. The downside is that it's no small …

  1. JassMan

    I don't know why but I read the headline as

    Meet Flamingo, Deepend's latest open-minded AI

    When you think about it, maybe software should not be called AI unless you can first prove it is open-minded. Otherwise it should be Artificial Bigotry software. There are already plenty of examples of ML producing extremely bigoted results.

  2. DrBobK

    Off of. Really!

    "Deepmind based Flamingo off of its own recently released 70-billion parameter Chinchilla language model, which was pre-trained."

  3. Neil Barnes Silver badge

    More to the point:

    Is it pink? And if not, why not.

    1. JassMan

      Re: More to the point:

      Its a well known fact that flamingos only turn pink after assimilating enough prawns. I don't remember reading about any ML called Prawn recently so maybe that is the reason its not pink.


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