back to article Atlassian boasts strong Q3 revenue growth in wake of two-week outage

Atlassian has reported robust figures for its Q3 2022 ended March 31 in which revenues were up, net income was in the red and questions over the recent outage continue to linger. As a reminder, Atlassian's very own Who, Me? moment occurred April 4 when a script used to deactivate instances of a standalone application instead …

  1. amacater

    Q3 revenue growth but still a fairly massive loss each quarter

    However successful the figures - this is a major corporate/cloud "thingie" - quarterly losses on that level are not wonderful. How much of that money is going into support burden / vulnerability remediation / building sustainable code for the future (and unifying product codebases and features as necessary) and how much is just loss?

  2. sreynolds Silver badge

    A wake up call...

    When I mentioned this to a few customers they decided to have a good look at their cloud strategy. How long before the reputational damage affects the share price?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A common theme for many outages is how complex systems have unpredicted (and often unpredictable) failure modes, often leading to cascading failures. A risk for anyone operating complex systems. It could happen to us too.

    Then there's this one. Which is a display of spectacular incompetence.

    1. DavidRa
      Paris Hilton

      Incompetence you say? All they did was create an internal API to unquestioningly and permanently delete things by number, and passed the wrong number to it. 800+ times. Because no-one noticed the wrong numbers were supplied.

      Could happen to anyone!

      Paris is looking at the list of IDs to be submitted to the API...

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