back to article Free enterprise systems management tool Uyuni releases stable version

The Uyuni project has released a new stable version of its eponymous free enterprise systems-management tool that supports SUSE distros as well as Red Hat (and its many relatives), Ubuntu, and Debian. Named after the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, the world's biggest salt flat, Uyuni is the open-source muscle behind SUSE's …

  1. DavidRa

    Meh, still needs openSUSE as the server

    It does look like a great idea and is probably a good tool, but demands openSUSE for the server. So unless you're using it already, it's another Linux to learn and understand (while the base is the same the foibles matter a LOT).

    Were it possible to deploy to Debian or Centos then maybe I'd consider it more thoughtfully.

    1. Liam Proven (Written by Reg staff) Silver badge

      Re: Meh, still needs openSUSE as the server

      That's a valid point.

      While it may be worth it to deploy one openSUSE box if it will let you run a fleet of other boxes more efficiently, that is a good question. I will see if I can get some feedback from SUSE about that.


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