back to article India to upgrade mobile networks near Maoist insurgents to 4G

India's government has announced it will permit upgrades of mobile networks from 2G to 4G in regions claimed to be hotbeds of a Maoist insurgency. The nation's Ministry of Home Affairs prefers the term "left-wing extremists" but says the dominant ideology among such groups is a form of Maoism that "glorifies violence as the …

  1. JavaJester

    Faraday Cage or localized jamming?

    Knocking all public wireless services offline to stop exam cheats seems like a bit much. Haven't they heard of a Faraday cage or localized jammers?

    1. EnviableOne

      Re: Faraday Cage or localized jamming?

      mosts schools have a cheap one built-in, the cavity wall is lined by Chain-link fence connected to the steel roof and the ground.

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