back to article US Navy told to do a 'supplemental' integrity investigation of $2.5b Dell deal

The US Navy must start a "supplemental investigation" into allegations Dell had inside information on a rival's pricing for a $2.5 billion software deal, a federal claims judge has ruled, after the sea forces "failed to fully comply" with an earlier order. That rival was Insight Public Sector Inc, which made a post-award bid …

  1. Dr Scrum Master

    Which Navy?

    Oh, the US Navy...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Which Navy?

      Why yes, the title was QUITE clear on that. Ree ding com pre hen shun, it's a gooood thing.

      1. Dr Scrum Master

        Re: Which Navy?

        Of course, there's no history on the page so nobody can see what the title was when I made my comment.

  2. Kev99 Silver badge

    $2.5 Billion for Microsoft software?? Holy Moses, Amos! Does that mean FOSS, which is often more secure and cheaper to maintain, a no-no? For that kind of money some college could probably come up with every app & os in that deal that would probably be more secure & easier to maintain and still have money left over for a few thousand 100% scholarships.

    1. Youngone Silver badge

      Aside from protecting America's trade, their military's main purpose seems to be sending taxpayer's money to wealthy corporations.

      I'm pretty sure that is what the F-35 was built for.

      1. Mobster

        Well, companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Dell etc. hire plenty of people coming out of the military. That lets the current military personnel see the candy that awaits them if they play nice.

  3. Chairman of the Bored


    I used to work for the USN...

    We saw the Blanket Purchase Agreement process as a much needed tool to avoid some of the more ridiculous issues with government acquisition. One cannot obtain flexibility without incurring risk.

    OF COURSE the Navy had to f___ this up at the billion-plus dollar level. This is why we cannot have good things.

    Tee up another six or so hours of mandatory training for all USN civilian personnel - whether they have anything to do with acquisitions or not. Tee up a vast new purchasing bureaucracy to reform BPA literally to death.

    Watch every swinging dick involved in this take a VP position at Microsoft.

    Popcorn time.

  4. Field Marshal Von Krakenfart

    Not the first time

    This reminds me of the scandals of the late 1980's when the Amerikan military were paying hundreds of dollars for tools with names like "radar antenna adjustment tool".

    It turned out that the "radar antenna adjustment tool" was nothing more than a 5/16" allen key.

    1. Roland6 Silver badge

      Re: Not the first time

      Bet it wasn't just any 5/16" allen key, suspect it had to be an AF (*) allen key made out of steel alloyed with a precise quality of carbon to enhance hardness and durability, with a (design) patented bend in it...

      (*) Mistakenly referred to as "American Fine", but probably appropriate in this instance.

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