back to article DARPA backs virtual worlds for autonomous off-road vehicles

Intel has shed some light on its participation in a DARPA program set up to aid the development of autonomous combat vehicles that can go off road.  The x86 giant on Tuesday outlined its involvement in the US government agency's Robotic Autonomy in Complex Environments with Resiliency – Simulation (RACER-Sim) project. RACER- …

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  2. W.S.Gosset

    Intel Developers unlikely to model real-world terribly well

    > nearly choking conference members by driving a diesel vehicle into the San Francisco auditorium.

    If this was their genuine performative/hysterical reaction to a VW Touareg in a giant hall, then it augurs very badly for those developers' ability to model the real world.

    Unless the wording/drama is just the new writer woking up.

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