back to article Oracle to release on-prem software usage tools to prep cloud switch

Experts in software licensing are warning users against wholly adopting new tools Oracle promises will help map and size on-prem installations in preparation for a move to the cloud. Adviors at Palisade Compliance said data from the tools, which an Oracle executive said were months away from launch, could be used by Big Red to …

  1. Plest Silver badge

    "Experts advise caution in sharing data with Big Red – it could be used in license audits"

    Yeah, I think you need to swap "C" for "W" somewhere in that sub-heading!

    1. stiine Silver badge

      and change the 'ould' to 'ill'.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Shirley Larry deserves a break. His yacht is expensive.

        1. Abominator Bronze badge

          The man has like 10 ex-wifes to pay alimony too.

        2. John Miles

          I'd say as long as break was similar to Robert Maxwell's all is good

  2. Mike 137 Silver badge

    "data from the tools [...] could be used by Big Red to sell more cloud instances than customers want or need"

    Once they've got you by the balls, your hearts and minds are utterly irrelevant.

  3. Tom Chiverton 1

    It's a trap!

    1. NoneSuch Silver badge

      Wargames Reference.

      The only way to win, is not to play.

  4. scubaal

    it would be bigger news if Oracle *didnt* use that data for audit

  5. sebacoustic

    > ...Anything you say to Oracle may be used against you in a compliance dispute.

    The new Oracle "Miranda warning..." reeled of double-quick at the beginng of a sales call like the statutary warnings in a painkiller advert.

    May add: "You don't have to say anything. If you fail to mention something you later rely on in the audit, it doesn't matter because you're f*** either way"

  6. Terje

    I just fail to understand how Oracle still have a customer base to abuse, considering how long they have been going on like this. It just shows how many insane companies and institutions there are around that have not migrated away to something reasonable yet.

    1. RJX

      Yeah, no kidding. That was the first thing to pop in my mind as I read that article. But I've experienced it myself. Managers become so enamored with a vendor that they refuse to look at alternatives. Then they retire and the new person is appalled at how much the company is paying, finds a new vendor/product, and hundreds of thousands of dollars or more are saved annually.

      At one company that used AT&T forever, the telecom manager finally retired and the new person, who had experience from other companies because they had not been there for decades, was totally shocked. They started auditing the AT&T invoices and finally convinced AT&T to send in their own person to audit their own invoices. (AT&T refused to believe her audit.) There was a quarter of a million dollars in overcharges found by the AT&T person. Per year.

      It's kind of like home and auto insurance companies. Once you finally get upset at the price increases and begin looking at alternatives, you discover you've been way over-paying for less coverage.

    2. Marty McFly Silver badge

      It is real simple...

      If the database craps the bed, no one is going to get fired because they went with the biggest name in the business. Doesn't matter how much it sucks. Doesn't matter how much it costs. What matters is no one gets fired for choosing the big red dog.

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