back to article US DOJ probes Google's $5.4b Mandiant acquisition

Federal regulators are taking a closer look at Google's planned $5.4 billion acquisition of Mandiant, a deal designed to boost the web giant's public cloud's cybersecurity capabilities. In a filing [PDF] with the SEC this week, Mandiant officials said that both their company and Google received a request from the Department of …

  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    What Governments are NOT telling you is ....

    ....... such mergers and acquisitions can almost immediately deliver superior systems programmers and live real time driver applications which all too easily render government manipulation of resulting media hosted information and news and false trails and tall tales as uncompetitive and too obviously misleading and perversely self-serving and inequitable ...... and that equates to their loss of command and control to the private and pirate tech sector which they would be well advised to engage with generously and not antagonise with vain wanton negative activity in attempts to be key leading players rather than accepting their new more comfortable future role as, if not primary, then certain value adding premium camp follower/wannabe groupie leader.

    I suppose their current present states and levels of intelligence will dictate which destinations and paths they choose to follow with others ideally following their lead with acceptance of their directions/future sets of instructions.

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Re: What Governments are NOT telling you is .... a Virtual AIdDevelopment/Alien Intervention.

      And now that you know what Governments are NOT telling you, what do you think they will be telling you instead to give you the impression that can exercise command and control and generate more than their own wealth and power and energy with an increasingly burdensome taxation/remote seizure of your income and bequeathed assets/inherited gifts apart from .... Don't Panic, Don't Panic ..... We're the Government and Here to Help .... ?

      And are you able to do anything about it to remedy it if it be an abiding pervasive perverse problem/parasitic scourge/venal virus, or would you be hoping and/or expecting A.N.Others, relatively anonymous and practically autonomous, to lead and provide Internetional Rescue?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Your overall security hygiene dramatically improves if most of your workloads are on a cloud,"

    TL;DL - Shared responsibility model for all Public Cloud providers (CSP's):

    CSP is responsible for the security OF the cloud

    Customer is responsible for the security of workloads WITHIN the cloud.

    If the vice president of security for Google Cloud said that, then perhaps the following link (to a PDF) might be essential reading:

    From that PDF:

    "Customers of GCP bear sole responsibility to meet their own PCI DSS compliance for these requirements"

    is in contradiction with

    "Your overall security hygiene dramatically improves if most of your workloads are on a cloud,"

    Anon as I work for a vendor in public and private cloud infosec.

    1. Paul Crawford Silver badge

      Re: "Your overall security hygiene dramatically improves if most of your workloads are on a cloud,"

      Also your overall data privacy might drop dramatically.

  3. M.V. Lipvig Silver badge

    You're more secure on the cloud*

    * Until we lose the hard drive with your data on it and don't get around to replacing it until after thr next round of backups, which ofncourse overwrites the backup without your data on it, and you discover that Secton 39A of the contract states that we are not financially liable for lost data due to equipment failure. Or, we decide that we're jusy jot making enough money off you. Or, you wait too long to renew your contract at a 40 percent premium snd we wipe your data.

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