back to article Oracle contracts and pricing a 'challenge', says Gartner

Oracle's pricing models and contracts can be "challenging to navigate" and "frustrating for customers," according to a Gartner report that otherwise heaps praise on the omnipresent enterprise software company. The global analyst has published its vendor rating report on Big Red, judging the Larry Ellison-founded company to …

  1. Anonymous Coward

    Read beyond the Lede

    "vertically integrated platform" - Which is impossible to horizontally integrate.

    "revenue retention" - Because lock-in makes it impossible to leave.

    "growth and profitability" - The quarterly numbers are too low, let's start auditing!

    1. rcxb1

      Re: Read beyond the Lede

      You just missed one:

      > "Oracle's pricing models and contracts can be challenging to navigate, [...] frustrating for customers [...]"

      Which is a big part of the reason for Oracle's "revenue retention, growth, and profitability"

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oracle Contracts and policies not confusing

    For any Technology customer who has worked with Oracle, Microsoft, IBM etc. I would say that Oracle's pricing, policies and contracts are actually among the easiest to understand. I have dealt with Oracle and various Oracle reps for over 20 years working for 3 organizations. These organizations were never audited by Oracle and in fact Oracle sales reps I encountered did everything they could to help one of my organizations out of a compliance issue avoiding an audit. I cannot say the same for Microsoft who routinely audited all of the organizations I worked for. I am not suggesting Oracle doesn't have sales reps or people that use this tactic, all of these companies do, but any customer who is in compliance should never worry about an audit.

    1. trevorde Silver badge

      Re: Oracle Contracts and policies not confusing

      Larry, is that you?

    2. Alan Spang

      Re: Oracle Contracts and policies not confusing

      Well, 35 years in the industry, in every sector, never been audited by Microsoft, in fact they've been so hands off it's spooky.

      Oracle. screaming banshee of greed doesn't really cover it.

  3. tekHedd

    Everybody hates Oracle

    To be fair, I've only sampled developers, IT managing the deployments, and customers.

    Nobody ever got fired for migrating their systems away from Oracle.

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