back to article Intel forms graphics lab to make games look more real

With Intel starting to get serious about the discrete GPU market, the chipmaker has put together a research group that is pledging to improve the "entire field" of graphics, and that includes making games look even more realistic. Intel announced Wednesday it has formed the appropriately named Graphics Research Organization …

  1. Lucy in the Sky (with Diamonds)

    Tetris comes to mind...

    In Tetris, the biggest thing that I was missing were photo realistic moulds on the bricks that grew in real time...

    In Zork I have always felt that the text could have been smoother, with more rounded edges...

    Then again, in Crysis I just enjoyed shooting trees in half...

    1. vekkq

      Re: Tetris comes to mind...

      Sorry, but splitting Crysis trees is about physics, not graphics. We don't do that here. Photorealism in this lab only - spell pho-to.

  2. vekkq

    Thanks, but graphics are already as realistic as wanted

    Game CGI is on purpose shinier-than-real-life. Making it more realistic would be a downgrade.

    1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

      Re: Thanks, but graphics are already as realistic as wanted

      I would tend to agree. It's a game. It doesn't need to be 100% photorealistic.

      It does, however, need to be optimised to not create lag simply because there's too much to render.

      When I'm playing Minecraft, or Diablo III, I'm not interested in realistic. When I'm playing 7 Days to Die, I find the world quite realistic enough.

      We're good on realism, I think. Let's get this thing optimized even more to up the framerates. There's never enough of those.

      1. Version 1.0 Silver badge

        Re: Thanks, but graphics are already as realistic as wanted

        Adventure, (aka "Colossal Cave Adventure") was the first game I ever played on a computer, I just loved reading and interacting with the game on my VT100 connected to the PDP-11, and writing this comment I have so many memories of the glorious images that I interacted with while creating a map of the cave on a pad of paper. I wonder if the new imaging system will compete with my memory?

  3. Plest Silver badge

    Hyperrealism is not good for us

    I was watching a vid the other day and the guy was saying that modern games are not fun anymore for one reason, the graphics are too good. He said our brains aren't capable of taking in so much graphic info at once and they struggle in tense situations which games create and we're constantly get distracted by amazing details. The reasons older games and styles appeal is the lack of detail allows you concentrate on having fun and enjoying the experience of a game. Modern games cause us to have to slow right down, which not only ruins the fun but also allows game studios to fudge the game play and stretch it out, which is one reason why those who can ignore details often find ways to complete modern games in an hour or two while the rest of us wil take aroudn 30 hours to complete most modern game titles. He added that the modern gaming industry is obsessed with graphic detail over anything else, indy game studios are scoring big as they don't have the budgets but they make up for it with better experiences that are not graphics obsessed.

  4. Stuart Castle Silver badge

    I like good graphics. I like a good story. I like interesting and varied gameplay. Not a big fan of the battle royale games, or anything multiplayer.

    While I would love to see more realistic graphics (particularly human faces which most games don't get quite right yet) , there needs to be some balance. I've played games where the main characters are absolutely beautifully animated, but some of the NPCs are not. I know why it is. Even with a today's computer hardware and game sizes nudging half a terabyte, they reduce animations on minor characters to save space. They may also do it for budgetary reasons, to reduce the time spent creating the animations (and possibly the number of animators).

    It's a bit simplistic to say modern games aren't fun. They are like any games. Some are, some aren't. I've enjoyed hundreds of hours of gameplay in some games, an have completed the storyline of some of my games many times. I also enjoy the odd arcade style game I can just pick up and play without devoting hours to completing a mission.

    As for speedrunning games. Never seen the point of that. When I buy a game, I want more than a few hours entertainment. But then I've never been interested in notoriety or fame, and don't have (or want) a youtube/twitch channel I am trying to sell, so the fame resulting from speedrunning any game does not interest me.

    1. Filippo Silver badge

      > It's a bit simplistic to say modern games aren't fun. They are like any games. Some are, some aren't.

      Yup. And, just like for anything else, we tend to remember the best ones and forget the dross.

      I think it is true, however, that top-quality graphics is overrated, as a factor in a game's success.

  5. BGatez

    lipstick on pigs

    Better looking crap games with endless $ buy-ins... yay?

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