back to article Emotet reestablishes itself at the top of the malware world

More than a year after essentially being shut down, the notorious Emotet malware operation is showing a strong resurgence. In a March threat index, Check Point researchers put the Windows software nasty at the top of its list as the most widely deployed malware, menacing or infecting as much as 10 percent of organizations …

  1. lglethal Silver badge

    I wonder...

    I wonder if Russia, having established itself as a safe haven for Malware authors, Ransomware gangs, and other online ne'er do wells, will before too long find itself the number one victim of these miscreants.

    My thinking is that, with Russia effectively cut off from updates and security fixes from the major players, Russians will find themselves with highly outdated software and so highly vulnerable to any and all malware.

    Will it be that Russia will begin to Reap what it has Sown? But not in the way it had hoped for?

    1. Clausewitz4.0

      Re: I wonder...

      Call it malware, implants, spyware or intelligence monitoring tool (Pegasus?), all countries are trying to booster their own cyber defenses (and offensive capabilities) with capable assets, also USA. Not just Russia, Ukraine or Brazil.

  2. Al fazed

    the great misunderstood ?

    The story says this bunch were established in Ukraine, not in Russia.

    One of the languages used in the eMails is Russian.

    Russia is not cut off from using FOSS solutions...........did someone forget that Russians can code as well, so why are they fucked up by the American (non socialist) software vendors pulling the rug ?

    Fuck me, some of the facists (non socialist) company's which depend on this shit at this end could do with pulling the rug on their chosen vendors software ...............

    When will the world WAKE UP


    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: the great misunderstood ?

      Ukranian programmers have always been much better than Russian writers, so now that we are deleting *.ru emails and communications with the Ukraine have dropped 90% we may be seeing a slightly better world because we're having to write our own malware?

    2. Anonymous Coward

      Re: the great misunderstood ?

      Who know, maybe this will be the Year of Linux Desktop - at least in Russia. And if they lose the capability to develop on Windows - the better.

      Still I guess there are a lot of Windows users in Russia too - they do like GUIs like anybody else.

      I don't understand your "socialist" references - Putin & C. looks socialists like Mussolini was (who actually was a prominent Socialist before founding the Fascist Party...).

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