back to article Biotech firm: Graphcore IPUs faster for AI-based drug discovery than GPUs

In the race to provide the best machine-learning accelerators, one of Nvidia's top challengers has claimed a victory in the biotech space, London firm LabGenius, which said Graphcore's intelligence processing units (IPUs) provide significantly faster performance for AI-based drug discovery than some unidentified traditional GPUs …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge


    Soon to be bought by Nvidia.

    1. Steve K

      Re: LabGenius

      You old cynic....;-)

      (Or maybe AMD?)

      1. elwe

        Re: LabGenius

        Probably Intel, as they want to compete in the space. But they will be run down to useless by Intel and tossed aside...

      2. Snowy Silver badge

        Re: LabGenius

        Or Intel.

        While they are call Graphcore they do not produce graphics card. That they produce somethings that is designed to do "AI" work is better than a GPU is not much of a surprise.

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