back to article Cloud spending to scrape $500 billion this year – Gartner

Global spending on public cloud services will come close to $500 billion this year, according to research firm Gartner. Growing uptake of cloud-native infrastructure services is identified as one of the key drivers, but the trend towards hybrid work scenarios driven by the pandemic is also playing a part. Gartner forecasts …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Beauty realized.

    "IT leaders... digital transformational journey... cloud...adjacent, emerging technologies...."

    Oh please, a little on my shoulder, yes on my neck, a little on top too.... oh gorgeous.

  2. Roj Blake Silver badge

    Do People...

    ...still actually listen to anything Gartner has to say?

    1. spireite Silver badge

      Re: Do People...

      Have companies ever listened? (generally)

      20 years ago, I worked for a company that took Gartners Magic Quadrant BS as 'the bible' to roadmap the company future....

      I saw it then as it was - total utter bollocks

      Gartners Euro headquarters are a mile from me. Never been tempted to sully my CV

  3. This post has been deleted by its author

  4. Golgafrinch

    One fine day at the office ...

    ... someone at Gartner, with little else to do, flips through her Rolodex (the electronic - pardon, digital - version, of course: 'A' is for archer, which we can plainly see), makes twenty phone calls, and spends the next two days writing a 14-page "report" including a 'quadrant' and a line graph, which is subsequently [pr]offered to a self-selected audience for $1295.

    Its readers will then use this report to justify a corporate ICT strategy - 'coz that's what everone else is doing, and we mustn't fall behind - while some of those who have to implement it will tear their hair out and/or quit, whereas others (devops, anyone?) merrily implement and deploy ("He wants it? He gets it!") whilst polishing their LinkedIn profiles; meanwhile the main culprits either eventually manage to abseil themselves or stubbornly persist in a manner which only confirms Festinger's research findings (you might want to peruse the archives of FuckedCompany and SatireWire, for instance)

    But hope springs eternal: I am looking forward to the day when the last MBA has been strangled with the intestines of the last IT consultant.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The Cloud...

    Other peoples expensive computers you have no control over

  6. Plest Silver badge

    A lot of cash to spend

    Mostly so company PHB's can put "Our entire company technology stack now running in the cloud for maximum efficiency and shareholder profits."

    1. Korev Silver badge

      Re: A lot of cash to spend

      Apart from in many scenarios it's far more expensive. If you have a very bursty workload then it's ideal, if you run 24/7 it's pricey. Specialist services like GPUs are especially pricey.

  7. johnnyblaze

    Cloud con

    It's becoming very clear that the 'cloud' is one of the most lucrative con-jobs ever pulled on the world. It's literally an accountant's wet dream as subscription money keeps flowing in like a flood. The idea is just a re-hash of what was done 30 years ago, but on a scale that should make you weep. The cloud exists only because of the continuous revenue it generates and ad revenue from telemetry collection. It's also technically easier and cheaper for vendors to manage what is essentially one backend system rather than thousands of on prem installs. It's certainly not being done for the benefit of the customer!

  8. sreynolds

    To me Gartner was a self fulling prophecy...

    So companies buy the Gartner reports and predictioins, then invest heavily in areas that Gartner predicts or is it promotes, which results is more kickbacks for Gartner so that eventually they make it on the S&P500 as nothing more than a report generating outfit.

    I always wondered why decision makers were never courageous and always relied on a named source for their predictions and the conclusion was that they were either lazy, incompetent or both.

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