back to article Google Cloud launches exclusive AI management platform

Google Cloud is offering users access to an AI platform that allows them to build, deploy, and manage AI projects in the cloud without needing extensive data science knowledge. has been built on Google Cloud itself and is now available in the Google Cloud Marketplace as the first pay-as-you-go AI management …

  1. Plest Silver badge


    Too late! Google have cancelled and closed the project.

    Seriously, Google are offering AI management from their "spy on everyone" platform? AI management where you pump in a ton of seed data and they cream off the summation info for free? Hmmmm, where do I sign up for yet another reason for Google to use and abuse my data!

  2. AmirPrakhan

    It is the AI platform used for "Netflix Appetency" community prediction competition organized by and kaggle

    Very good platform on google

  3. Poopyo

    IBM cloud

    So tech tips told me hey you should try out IBM cloud to win a drone and I e had that learn code site and IBM cloud login and used to for just mostly a bucket for years now I've tried to learn more about it but just one action at a time anyways

    IBM cloud services are done on a pay as you go plan as well and remember AWS saying they'd get me certified but I have to play for the hrs of use on the cloud and that would make it pay as you go as well

    I'm excited for Google they always had the gcloud app but now there adding so cool stuff to it but with IBM coders you get one action at anytime you can run for free there are limited upload and download but that's a daily number so you could do some ever day and after a week or two have a good data set so it's a slower dredge but not an impossible feet for a free user that's what really matters to me

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