back to article Qlik moves to boost position in crowded automation space during IPO year

It's never a zero-sum game, according to Mike Capone, CEO of data visualization software specialist Qlik. For the sake of the company, he'd better be right, as Qlik is betting its success on a foray into a market with way more competition than the one in which it earned its stripes. In January this year, Qlik confidentially …

  1. AMBxx Silver badge

    Getting desperate

    Qlik were well ahead of the game with their clever in-memory database technology. The move to 64 bit was timely for them too.

    That was all very well when they were selling thick client technology. It was never quite so good with the move to a server for processing as the scalability was a hard problem.

    Now, they have QlikSense which is just not as good as the old QlikView. In desperation, they've bolting all sorts of targetted products on to their range.

    For those with long memories, Cognos PowerPlay was in a similar position in the mid 90s. Well ahead of the competition, but never managed the move away from client technology.

    1. damocles

      Re: Getting desperate

      For over 8 months we've been trying to buy new licences and an upgrade from them. Last week we were told by their "only UK" vendor that they can't add licenses or do the upgrade.

      Momma said if I can't say anything nice then don't discuss Qlik at all....

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Getting desperate

        Sorry to hear your bad experience. I work for qlik. We did change our license model recently.

        If you reach out to me, I can check internally if there is anything we can do for you. You can email me at

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