back to article Raspberry Pi goes back to the future with the CM4S

The Raspberry Pi gang will soon ship some new hardware in a form factor to delight builders still mourning the Compute Module 3. Behold the Compute Module 4S. The Compute Module 4 emerged in 2020 and, as well as featuring some beefier hardware courtesy of the Pi 4, also changed the form factor from the SODIMM of old. While …

  1. Tom 7

    Quite excited about not being able to buy one of these.


  2. NoneSuch Silver badge

    "Probably only when the supply situation improves somewhat: it doesn't feel sensible to properly launch new products while we should be focusing on improving the supply situation for the ones we've already launched."

    AMD, Intel, NVIDIA... Are you seeing this?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      And the RPI Foundation?

      Pro PR move: Announcing a new product while simultaneously stating you shouldn't announce a new product.

      They've been self hyping to vendors for a couple years now, RPI products are no longer a product for tinkerers or enthusiasts, they're only for those BTO/bulk purchasers that will wind up using them to power signage and POS.

      The RPI Foundation exists to show the world how much power an ARM CPU can waste.

      1. werdsmith Silver badge

        The Raspberry Pi Foundation is an educational charity that promotes education not necessarily using Raspberry Pi hardware. Foundation don’t develop or make hardware and they don’t sell hardware to “vendors” or anyone.

        The CM4S is not so much a new product, it’s an adaptation of an old product to use available components in order to address supply problems.

        Get a clue.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          A clue? Sorry, I used their "charitable" branch instead of their commercial branch.

          Raspberry Pi = Raspberry Pi Foundation + Raspberry Pi Trading Ltd

          The trading branch sets MSRP, they make their own hardware in a factory in south Whales, they are very much a commercial interest.

          CM4S is a new product no matter your personal opinion, it will have it's own new SKU.

          If you have to dance to excuse them, thanks for the proof.

          1. werdsmith Silver badge

            Well, at least you apologised, I’ll credit you that.

            But they haven’t been called Raspberry Pi Trading since November 2021.


            1. Anonymous Coward
              Anonymous Coward

              You're still dancing.

  3. bartsmit

    Raspberry Pi Locator

    Keep an eye on and its Twitter presence on @rpilocator.

    You can usually score a Pi or two within a week or so, without the eye watering mark-up from some sites. They may take a bit longer and have more courier charges.

  4. Down not across


    Oh, I've been on the hunt for small stack of CM3+ for my Pi cluster. And was slightly concerned on the rather non-promising shipping estimates from the usual suppliers. CM4S would make much nicer cluster and I am happy to wait a bit (...could I have 7 shipped for tuesday please...).

  5. Fruit and Nutcase Silver badge

    Pi supremo?

    Surely, he is the "Pi Meister"

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