back to article Intel commits to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040

Intel has committed to being net zero for greenhouse gas emissions across its global operations by 2040, and has set itself interim milestones for 2030 including 100 percent renewable electricity use and to identify greener chemicals with lower global warming potential. The chip giant announced the move as part of plans to …

  1. druck Silver badge

    How does working towards net zero square with producing chips aimed at crypto mining? A vastly wasteful and unnecessary use of energy.

  2. bombastic bob Silver badge

    Why is this HOAX still being treated like it is RELEVANT?

    This whole "greenhouse gas" nonsense (note: CO2 is a *TERRIBLE* greenhouse gas - just look at the infrared absorption spectrum for IR frequencies that correspond to temperatures on earth, as compared to something like WATER) is a bunch of touchy-feely PAP for the UNSCIENTIFIC "experts" to CONTROL "compliant" people with, claiming that TECHNOLOGY and FREEDOM (i.e. use of fossil fuel energy) is "damaging": the planet somehow... and so we must EMPOWER "THEM" to control OUR LIVES or some other equally *EVIL* plan.

    Does ANYONE *STILL* buy into this *NONSENSE* ??? *SERIOUSLY* ???

    1. NeilPost Silver badge

      Re: Why is this HOAX still being treated like it is RELEVANT?

      Yes…. about 99% of combined Global Scientific Consensus.

      I stand with them, rather than your scattergun Whataboutery.

    2. vtcodger Silver badge

      Re: Why is this HOAX still being treated like it is RELEVANT?

      @Bombastic Bob: Bob, you might want to look at Modtran. There's a web accessible version at Make sure "Looking Down" is selected (Looking Up is incoming radiation). Set everything other than CO2 to zero. As any fool can plainly see CO2 does take a big chunk out of outgoing IR. Since outgoing IR is how the Earth dumps heat, the Earth will almost certainly have to warm a bit to make up for the effect of CO2. I have some technical quibbles re Modtran but I, and most other climate skeptics, agree that it's not utter garbage. BTW, the other greenhouse gas that causes a substantial notch to the right of CO2 is Ozone not Methane or NO2. We probably don't want to get rid of Oxygen even if we could. Methane? Now THERE is your overhyped greenhouse gas. Even if you multiply its concentration by 200 to bring it up toward the current level of CO2, it doesn't have a huge effect compared to CO2.

      @NeilPost: Neil, You might want to look at Modtran also. But instead of getting rid of the other gasses, leave them, but look at the affect of doubling, quadrupling, etc CO2. Yes, that increases warming a bit, but nowhere near as much as you probably expect. You might also want to look at the Paleomap project and specifically at the map of past climates we are living in probably the coolest period since the Earth seems to have frozen pretty solidly (for reasons we don't remotely understand) around 700 million years ago. It appears that there is plenty of upside margin for warming. Far more than the IPCC's 1.5C.

      I wouldn't bother to argue about any of this, were it not for the fact that the climate hysterics seem determined to save a world that is probably not in need of salvation using a tool kit -- wind and solar -- that is almost certainly quite incapable of accomplishing what it is expected to do. I think that quixotic effort is likely to end badly and the price will be paid as always, not by the wealthy, but by the world's poor.

  3. MrGreen

    It’s a Scam

    Intel won’t be net zero. They’ll outsource all their emissions to other entities. The U.K. government has done exactly the same. They claim they’re lowering emissions by stopping oil, gas, coal etc. extraction but are then importing it which uses infinitely more fossil fuel to transport. Drax power station can’t burn coal but can import thousands of trees from the US to burn. How are they getting to the U.K., by battery powered ships, no by some of the worst polluting vessels on the planet. It’s a scam.

    Yes Bob the greenhouse gas nonsense is a hoax. Even if we stopped using all fossil fuel today we have no idea if it will have any effect. If we could jump forward to 2070 we wouldn’t be able to measure the difference. The climate is so vast it is impossible to model.

    Isn’t it funny that “no” government is telling anyone to use less energy or buy fewer things. If governments really wanted to lower emissions then lowering consumption would be the guidance. However, that would mean telling the truth.

    1. NeilPost Silver badge

      Re: It’s a Scam

      “ The climate is so vast it is impossible to model.”

      Calling bullshit on this …on behalf of climate modellers and meteorologists around the globe … and their supercomputers.

      1. Flywheel

        Re: It’s a Scam

        “ The climate is so vast it is impossible to model.”

        Maybe that's because they're using Intel chips to do it ?


      2. MrGreen

        Re: It’s a Scam

        So you haven’t done any research then.

        It is the climate modellers and meteorologists, even with their super computers, who said it was impossible to model.

        1. NeilPost Silver badge

          Re: It’s a Scam

          Well these guys are. In the same El Reg mail. Perhaps you missed it.

          Are you perhaps ignoring the model completely to the n’th degree as opposed to making reasonable assumptions based on prior data and modelling so their model works to a degree of certainty but with margins of error..

          Science - when it come up short or is in error or models don’t work - self-corrects… unlike Republican’s, anti-vaxers, climate change deniers or Brexiteers.

  4. Potemkine! Silver badge

    If it's world-global (and for real), it's a good thing.

    However, I doubt limiting some emissions will be enough. Even if all of Europe stops to emit any CO2 (except breathing) in 2030, it will be largely offset by the growth of India and China.

    The only viable solution I see is to capture CO2, and fast. There are a few initiatives starting worldwide, they must be implemented at an exponential scale

    1. NeilPost Silver badge

      CO2 capture via trees and growing stuff - GOOD

      Giga-scale Chemical Engineering Carbon Capture and Storage is mad-scientist SciFi Terraforming nonsense… where the efforts and investment would be better spent on home insulation, efficiency and reduction in carbon-based fuel and electricity consumption to gain the same effect.

      For example buy everyone an ultra-efficient single cup water boiler/dispenser rather than suck up the CO2 from hundreds of millions of electric or hob kettles. (Self evidently recycling the old dirty kettles).

      Funded home insulation programmes etc.

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