back to article New graph database features eschew need for DBAs

Graph database specialist Neo4j has launched a graph analytics workspace as a fully managed cloud service. Called AuraDS, it is aimed directly at data scientists hoping to use the features of Neo4j's graph database and its machine learning library, promising to liberate data scientists from the dreary tasks of setting up …

  1. I Am Spartacus

    Cypher like SQL

    Not from where I sit. I use both SQL and Cypher - there is no similarity at all.

  2. Denarius Silver badge

    not my field but

    When did I first hear the "No DBA required" line? About 1997 from some company on west coast of USA. How did that turn out ? Bring back Adabas Natural, if it ever went away. One needs DBAs who understand the data for that to perform at its best. Given its speed on the hardware of the day, I wonder how it would scale and perform today ?

  3. werdsmith Silver badge

    Alicia Frame, director of graph data science at Neo4j, told The Register: "Data scientists really love Python. Unlike developer projects, there's no variety. Everyone is using Python."

    Python is pretty popular, true, but it seems Alicia is ignoring R.

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