back to article PC sales start to ebb as pandemic buying spree ends: IDC

Shipments of PCs have finally slowed down after two years of double-digit growth, declining worldwide by 5.1 per cent year-on-year in Q1 2022, market research firm International Data Corp (IDC) said on Monday. While the decline reflects both rising costs and market saturation in some segments, IDC reassured it in no way …

  1. jmch Silver badge

    The Buffet effect

    Warren Buffet's wealth must be a self-fulfilling prophecy at this stage if whatever crap stock he buys jumps 10% jus because he bought it!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: The Buffet effect

      Dell is (or was) an even more interesting business model - they’re effectively a bank that controls its own stock price.

  2. redpawn

    If Only...

    I had more eyes and hands, I'd be interested in getting yet another computer. Oh wait, I could get something to run Windows 11 so the MS Empire won't crumble and deprive us of one of dozens of options.

    1. b0llchit Silver badge

      Re: If Only...

      Soon that is not enough! Our economic system is based on growth. So, as a consequence, soon you must buy two PCs with the latest operating system. Then, after two years, you again buy two. In a decade or so you need to buy three at a time, just to keep the growth going.

      Also, by that time you need to have six jobs to cover basic expenses. But that is just a minor detail. You gotta do what you gotta do. Keep the big ones big and all will be well. Consume, enjoy, dream, obey.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: If Only...

        I was going to get new PC's for the office until I worked with Windows 11 for a while - now I'm thinking that I'll keep everyone using Windows 10 to keep things easier for a while. Hopefully Windows 12 or 13 will be better eventually...

        1. Plest Silver badge

          Re: If Only...

          Been running W11 for about 8 weeks now, gaming latest titles, coding in .Net, golang and Python toolsets, running Virtualbox, spinning up 4-5 Linux VMs for testing various things and even installed and old version of Office as that's all I had to hand, zero problems and for the first time ever I've actually been able to hibernate Windows and only restart Windows once every 2 weeks roughly.

          No I'm no MS shill, I'm a linux/Solaris/Oracle DB by trade, I've just not had a single problem with W11 other than getting pissed off about MS hiding the useful utility dialogs. Then again I never, ever upgrade Windows, ALWAYS install it from scratch off MSDN ISO via a USB, WIndows turns into a steaming pile of crap if you ever try to upgrade it between versions.

          I think people are just looking for problems with W11 that aren't really there.

          1. razzaDazza1234

            Re: If Only...

            Yes and no.

            I used Win10 then 11 for about a month on my laptop b4 wiping and installing Mint.

            First time used Win personally since XP/Vista when it ended for me.

            It is still basically WinXP with a new skin that still manages to feel old. And ugly. And out of tuch. Did I say ugly?

            Say what u like about Apple, and I've said all u can imagne, but they are pretty in that classy way.

            Download the app that switches off all the telementary and still you haven't probably switched it all off.

            I feel like a whore's bitch whenever I use Google or MS. Both wiped from my life as much as possible now.

      2. arch_151

        Re: If Only...

        or just use Linux?

        1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

          Re: If Only...

          A botched unwanted update to Windows 11 (I accidentally clicked No to the "do you not want to disregard the option to not upgrade" mesg) killed my Win10 machine.

          Made the switch to only Linux, after years f using it for work stuff, so far haven't found anything missing

        2. b0llchit Silver badge

          Re: If Only...

          or just use Linux?

          Preaching to the choir... since 1995.

          1. razzaDazza1234

            Re: If Only...

            Just in case they forget...

  3. Not Irrelevant

    This explains why component prices are falling. Ryzen CPUs are now commonly on sale for what I'd consider normal prices and GPUs are back in stock.

    1. Plest Silver badge

      Bitcoin has hit the skids last few weeks so less "farmers" buying all the GPUs to mine up the coin.

  4. Lost in Cyberspace

    Interesting times...

    As someone who helps home users. I saw a trend towards phones and tablets before the pandemic, as the desktop PC (and slow HDD-powered laptops) became obsolete.

    During lockdown, there was a sudden demand for more laptops. One household computer was no longer enough for everyone to work/learn from home.

    I'm now seeing more people invest in a home gaming PC and/or an All-in-one where a laptop doesn't quite cut it.

    Meanwhile, I'm also seeing companies selling off desktops - still with the plenty of life left in them and replacing them with laptops (or going BYOD) to accommodate a shift to WFH.

    1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      Re: Interesting times...

      "Meanwhile, I'm also seeing companies selling off desktops - still with the plenty of life left in them and replacing them with laptops (or going BYOD) to accommodate a shift to WFH."

      I was seeing that happen with Local Authorities about a year BC (Before Covid). Although they weren't selling off "good" kit, it was just their normal refresh cycle of 3,4 or 5 years. On the other hand, some of that kit was still "good" kit from other users point of view. Some LAs were already going "work from anywhere" and selling off buildings. The pandemic has accelerated that move. Offices are full of screens and docking station now and many are either staying at home or only coming into offices now and then. Our own company has got pretty much everyone back in the office now, despite all the good noises about hybrid working etc. I'm not office based anyway, so I'm not sure if people want to be in the office, feel the need to be in the office or if there may be subtle management pressure to get them in the office.

  5. bombastic bob Silver badge

    DO not underestimate

    DO not underestimate the effect of inflation factors, increases in energy costs, and the unfortunate predominance of the *kinds* of thinking that uses tax increases on the so-called "rich" (really those trying to BECOME rich, the rich already HAVE their wealth and won't be affected), restrictions on oil drilling, unimpeded illegal immigration, carbon taxation, artificial supply line shortages, yotta yotta yotta... where REAL people and struggling-to-make-a-profit business have to RE-CONSIDER whether buying new computers is actually NECESSARY, remote or on site work notwithstanding.

    E-bay still has used boxen last I checked, and I have purchased them multiple times with a pretty good longevity and success rate. My last major purchase was a re-conditioned Lenovo THAT CAME WITH WINDOWS 7 ON IT.

    If you ask me, the economic boom caused by LOW WORLD-WIDE ENERGY PRICES (thank Donald Trump's U.S. oil drilling policies for THAT) coupled with the (unfortunate) need for work-at-home computers is what was driving the market.

    NOW that the economy is ABOUT TO JUMP THE SHARK (thanks to Biden-Nomics and RIDICULOUS "green" "carbon footprint" nonsense which SENDS OIL MONEY TO RUSSIA and OTHER nations that hate NATO and "the west" in general), REAL people will have LESS money to spend, inflation will reach ANOTHER ALL TIME HIGH (remember the 1970s under Carter) and PC Sales are *JUST* an INDICATOR of what's to come.

    There IS a way to fix it. Just STOP it with the LIBERALISM, LEFTISM, SOCIALISM, and START DRILLING for DOMESTIC OIL and MINING for DOMESTIC COAL wherever it is in WESTERN nations. We do this, energy prices drop like A ROCK and the economy will be saved. That and cut spending, cut gummint regulations that get in the way of JOBS and profits for SMALL business, and so on. Yeah, it's the usual Supply Side Economics argument. But, you KNOW i am RIGHT.

    It's true. THIS is what is driving the decline in PC sales. That, and Windows 11. Just like Win-10-nic they are giving people NO! REASON! TO! UPGRADE! HARDWARE!.

    Unless... you choose Linux. OR FreeBSD.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: DO not underestimate

      Wow, just wow. What a load of tosh. The only thing missing in your diatribe of right-wringer talking points are "5G causes COVID" and "but Hunter's laptop".

      As the article explained, the drop in PC sales is mostly down to the fact that at the start of the pandemic everyone rushed to get new computers (and more of them) so there simply isn't a large demand right now for new systems. On top of that, thanks to an ongoing component shortage for some parts (i.e., voltage regulators) and another one caused by crypto-scammers and scalpers (GPUs) prices have gone up, which is even more reason not to upgrade right now unless you really need to.

      And as much as I can clearly see that, as a die-hard fan of failed businessman, scammer, ex-president and complete idiot you probably just had it with all that "Biden-nomics" (whatever that is), but the fact remains that, back here in reality on planet Earth, the current inflation and rising prices are not a US-specific problem (which would be something a US President could do something about) but a global issue caused by global events on which the current occupant of the WH simply has no influence whatsoever. And no, more drilling (a process which takes several years until that new oil reaches the pumps) will not solve today's problem of increasing energy costs, as moving further up the rectum of the country which brought you 9/11 (Saudi Arabia) won't give you a lickin' way out. The only way to solve the energy problem and provide cheap energy is renewables.

      But I agree, raising taxes on the "rich" is probably wrong, because they certainly are "jobs creators" (not necessarily American jobs, though, but hey who cares as the rubes that got laid off after training their Indian low-wage replacement still continues to vote for the very same politicians that got paid by those "jobs creators" to offload American jobs to India, China and other parts of the 3rd world), and the tricke-down effect is most certainly real as well (even though what's trickling down is merely the wet from the rich urinating on the average American, but again, some still are the useful tools at the voting both the rich expect them to be).

      I don't really get your antipathy towards Russia, though. Shouldn't you been cheering on Putin? After all, the GOP seems to be very much in awe of his work, and your orange idol has been openly favorable towards Putin and called him a 'genius' many times even before the war in Ukraine. So shouldn't you push for even more buying of Russian oil instead, to MAGAATTFR (Make America Great Again Again, This Time For Real)?

  6. Potemkine! Silver badge

    Reports of the death of PC have been greatly exaggerated

    I expect nonetheless seeing articles in the press titled "PC is dead!" soon.

    1. bombastic bob Silver badge

      Re: Reports of the death of PC have been greatly exaggerated

      right - a lot of marketing hype that's based on "PC Sales of the moment" gets it wrong. A big example, just a few years ago, was the assumption that the PC was "dead" and EVERYONE was either using a slab or a phone now. Micros~1 wrongly risked everything on "One Windows, everywhere" and made their desktop OS (8.0 i particular) look like a PHONE OS, obviously getting it WAY wrong.

      So yeah. What you said. From a slightly different angle.

      And having or NOT having the money to buy a new computer, with or without "the need" [like working from home, for now, and needing a newer one], is a major factor as well. When people have the money to spend, they are more likely to spend it and not simply "make do" because they cannot afford a new(er) computer.

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