back to article Intel R&D campus key to comeback plan gets $3b boost

Intel has officially opened a new $3 billion expansion of its Oregon research and development campus that is key to the chipmaker's plan to overtake rivals with leading-edge chip technologies. The semiconductor giant marked Monday as the grand opening for the latest expansion of its D1X R&D manufacturing campus in Hillsboro, …

  1. NeilPost Silver badge

    Level Playing Field

    Aka realising your beancounters interfered with your R & D spend, and global supply chain foundries embarrassed your with being able to do - at reliable scale - what you can’t do for just yourself internally.

    Any chance of an admission your 2006 sale of XScale/StrongARM was strategically as catastrophic at a board level as you can get. Esp. as it was driven by X86/X64 mobile hubris still trying to deliver.

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