back to article Db2 13 makes z/OS debut, promises AI, hybrid cloud features

In the first major upgrade since 2016, IBM is releasing a basket of updates for the edition of its well-established Db2 relational database for the z/OS mainframe operating system. The latest tweaks are designed to use machine learning to make systems more efficient to manage and operate. One consultant with long-standing …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Family fun

    IBM has three different mainstream Db2 releases in the family which shares basically nothing.

    Db2 for z/OS (announced here)

    Db2 for IBM i (does not have a version in the normal sense as it is integrated in the OS)

    DB2 for LUW (Linux/Unix/Windows)

    So the question when other family members reach version 13 does not mean anything much for the included functionality.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    IBM Marketing?

    Some companies Excel in marketing and not in development.

    IBM excels in development and not in marketing.

    I have worked with Db2 since it replaced VSAM (look it up children) and have always found it to be a very good and extremely bulletproof database that nobody ever hears about.

    I sometimes wonder if IBM's marketing department thinks that beating the drum refers to the old drum storage machines?

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