back to article Feds take down Kremlin-backed Cyclops Blink botnet

The US Justice Department today revealed details of a court-authorized take-down of command-and-control systems the Sandworm cyber-crime ring used to direct network devices infected by its Cyclops Blink malware. The move follows a joint security alert in February from US and UK law enforcement that warned of WatchGuard …

  1. itzman

    What happened to Gorgon Stare?

    That I read about

    1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

      Re: What happened to Gorgon Stare?

      Well, in all honesty, a drone is going to have a spot of trouble finding (let alone taking down) a botnet with only its cameras.

  2. clyde666

    choose your targets

    What a pity these same agencies don't put the same work into taking down the spam bot networks that have plagued most of mankind for years now.

    Is it because much of that spam comes from the USA so it cannot by definition be evil ?

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