back to article CircleCI suffering 'degraded performance' for hours

DevOps outfit CircleCI is suffering from performance issues that have been ongoing for most of the day, with developers left waiting for the platform to come back online. The service keeps an eye on the likes of GitHub and Bitbucket and fires off a build when commits are made. It then tests builds and pings out notifications …

  1. An_Old_Dog Silver badge

    For maximum reliability ...

    ... keep your stuff, cloudy or not, in-house. Make as many dependencies as possible *local* dependencies -- things you or your organization can fix themselves.

  2. DevOpsTimothyC

    Working, but not "Fixed"

    While CircleCI seems to be working, the UI is really slow so I wouldn't agree that it's "Fixed"

    I smiled when I read the following. Does anyone else read that as "We have no clue what is happening"?

    We are investigating multiple possible causes, including database changes and code changes.
    from CirleCI Status Page

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