back to article Xiaomi adds earthquake alert system to some smartphones

Xiaomi has added an earthquake alert system to some of its smartphones, starting with a trial in Indonesia, as a result of a collaboration between the smartphone maker and Indonesian and Chinese government-supported agencies. Available on handsets running versions 12, 12.5 and 13 of Xiaomi's "MIUI" Android fork, the Earthquake …

  1. cookieMonster Silver badge

    Cool idea

    But, they left out a bit….

    “ Through this initiative, we hope that we can help Indonesian people and give back to the local community, and sell more phones”

  2. stuartnz

    It's a bit creepy

    I have a RealMe X2 and my wife had a Xiaomi MiMax 3 and both had the Aotearoa/NZ version of this surprise us last year: "You are about to feel an earthquake", or words to that effect, then seconds later , we did - spooky, possums!

    1. Version 1.0 Silver badge

      Re: It's a bit creepy

      Sure, it's even more creepy when you are just walking across the room and the room starts to shake a little, it would be good to know that it's worth getting into the doorway and standing there for a bit.

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