back to article Huawei pays $9.65b dividend to its workers

Flush from the sale of various business units, Huawei has distributed a whopping $9.65 billion dividend to current and retired staff under its Employee Shareholders Scheme (ESS). A filing with the Shanghai Clearing House confirms the payment, and according to Huawei's recent 2021 Annual Report published last week, some 131,507 …

  1. MiguelC Silver badge

    $9.65 billion distributed by 131,507 "beneficiaries"

    Wanna bet those beneficiaries won't all get the same as Ren Zhengfei?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      @MiguelC - Re: $9.65 billion distributed by 131,507 "beneficiaries"

      What's your point ? Would Bezos do otherwise ?

      1. Kabukiwookie

        Re: @MiguelC - $9.65 billion distributed by 131,507 "beneficiaries"

        Bezos would never give his employees any benefits to begin with...

        Maybe catheters, so employees don't have to pee in a bottle, but my guess would be that he'd make employees pay for those as well.

      2. An ominous cow herd

        Re: @MiguelC - $9.65 billion distributed by 131,507 "beneficiaries"

        I would argue that, without further information on the distribution, the number of recipients is pointless.

        The article would just need to mention whether it is based on personal shareholding or if any other calculation basis is used.

        1. teknopaul

          Re: @MiguelC - $9.65 billion distributed by 131,507 "beneficiaries"

          My bet the answer to that is quite fairly "it's complicated"

          Rens share was included in the article 0.84%

  2. BOFH in Training

    Compared to the average company whereby the normal employees dont even get a cent, even when the company is rolling in cash, this is a considerably better outcome for most of the ex and current employees.

    1. Prst. V.Jeltz Silver badge

      I think this is a great idea.

      It should be standard practice , mandated by law, that the employees get a fair proportion of the shares of the company they are working for.

      ("fair" would be a complicated formula but the idea in principle id good)

      It seems like the perfect balance between capitalism and communism.

      1. teknopaul

        Coops have been around for ages

        US is not happy that Huawei is a co-op.

        Plenty of others exist and function well at all scales.

  3. VoiceOfTruth

    Please rewrite this

    -> Huawei helped BT plumb in Britain. That too was pulled apart by a hawkish US government concerned about the technology being used to help Beijing spies peer in at the West.

    Huawei did indeed plumb Britain. And it was pulled apart by the US government, showing you how 'independent' the UK is. Why do we even have a Foreign Office when all it does it take orders from Washington?

    It was not about preventing Beijing spies peer at the West, it was about the US not being able to peer at it supposed friends and allies, AKA footrests.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      @VoiceOfTruth - Re: Please rewrite this

      Actually Beijing would have gladly allow US to spy on friends & partners. With a large smile on their face.

    2. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Please rewrite this


      Can't upvote you enough. So have a shedload of these instead...

  4. Steelted



    1. teknopaul

      9.6 billion implmies your wrong

      Numbers are telling

  5. Yes Me Silver badge

    No resemblance to any Dodo I've every met

    Worth noting that Huawei employees (in many different countries) seem to have pretty high morale these days. Much less disillusioned than most others I could mention.

  6. teknopaul

    Sharing the front page with the latest IBM scandal

    Huawei has profit related pay done right.

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