back to article European antitrust watchdogs sniff around Microsoft cloud licensing deals

The European Commission is starting to gently probe allegations against Microsoft of anti-competitive practices in the cloud computing industry as it pertains to the company’s licensing rules. A questionnaire seen by newswires Bloomberg and Reuters was dispatched last month and follows multiple complaints from local providers …

  1. Fred Daggy Bronze badge

    Will they also look at Oracle Cloud and the favourable terms they give clients with regard to things like Java?

    Just to compare Apples and Apples.

    1. Zippy´s Sausage Factory

      Has anyone complained? That's the key point with the EU I think, someone has to complain.

      Still, I don't expect much will come from the Micros~1 probe for a very long time, and even then it'll be too little, too late. No more than a slap on one of the many tentacles MS uses to abuse its market position.

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