back to article AMD to acquire SmartNIC and networking firm Pensando for $1.9 billion

AMD has announced it will acquire networking vendor Pensando for $1.9 billion. Pensando co-founder and CTO Vipin Jain recently told The Register the company aspires to be "the Nvidia of infrastructure" by building an accelerator that relieves CPUs of the need to handle common networking chores (feel free to call it a SmartNIC/ …

  1. Binraider Silver badge

    No antitrust investigation on this one? Intel must have dropped the ball with their bribery.

    1. Jared Vanderbilt

      Too small

      US is monitoring deals $50b and up.

      Git 'um young, git 'um cheep.

  2. andrewmm

    Xilinx / AMD

    so AMD now owns The FPGA company Xilinx

    and a network NIC company that uses FPGAs

    I see a theme here,

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Xilinx / AMD

      The Pensando hardware does not use FPGAs.

  3. luis river

    Great AMD corp. resurrected and killer

    P Gelsinger faulty CEO on purchase Pensado corp. On history Intel company it aported very litlle to advance IT industry, his hegemony is based in 50 year ago signed documents with IBM, (about X86 tech cuasi monopoly), I think AMD company from 1969 foundation it has make a great job. Great AMD corp and super CEO Lisa S.

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